NFL Rookies Prove Drawing a Tough Task with Hilarious Panini Artwork Cards

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 24, 2013

Photo Credit: Panini America
Photo Credit: Panini America

Every last NFL rookie entering the NFL has tremendous talent. Unfortunately for most, that talent doesn't extend to making beautiful artwork. 

Tracy Hackler of Panini America is back with another art gallery of sorts. The card company caught up with a number of NFL players and asked them to sit down and draw. 

As Hackler notes in the release, the results have been both intriguing and profitable in the past. For example, Andrew Luck's drawing of Lucas Oil Field—at least that's what we think it is—auctioned for $1,500 on eBay, via CBS Sports' Will Brinson

Some might see drawings better suited for the refrigerator door; others see priceless collectibles they simply must have. 

With that, we give you this year's lot: the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The Seattle Seahawks' Christine Michael is ecstatic about this "seahawk":

By comparison, that green-and-blue bird seems rather annoyed to be on a card at the moment.

The Bills' Marquise Goodwin has easily my favorite drawing of the lot:

I say Buffalo just ditches its current logo and places this on its helmets immediately.

Show me your lightning bolt, Manti Te'o!

The Chargers rookie better hope the season goes better than that rather depressing rendition.

Matt Barkley actually did pretty well drawing an eagle:

But he had some issues with his skyline:

Eddie Lacy decided to draw a "cheese head":

Nailed it!

My own drawings would be far inferior to anything these rookies might deliver. Still, it's fun to sit back and laugh or applaud as warranted. 

This incoming class of rookies has been interviewed, tested and examined by general managers, coaches and fans. 

Still, one of the most entertaining exercises of all continues to be the moment Panini asks them kindly to pause their hectic lives to offer their interpretation of art. 

A hat tip to all these young guys for giving us some laughs and a whole bunch of masterpieces.


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