Fantasy Football Sleepers for the 2013 NFL Season

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistJuly 12, 2013

When it comes to picking fantasy football sleepers, it's a combination of opportunity, ability and anonymity.

Take Chris Ivory for example. When the New York Jets traded for him during the 2013 NFL draft, they were looking for a sleeper themselves.

Like fantasy owners, the team knew that Ivory had the ability. He runs very tough between the tackles, hits the hole aggressively and can shift gears when he hits the second level to get a big run.

He has better physical tools than the departed Shonn Greene, who was as mediocre a 1,000-yard rusher as I have ever seen last year. Considering the Jets were able to get Greene—who had his career year with a low 3.9 yards per carry average—over 1,000 yards, you can believe Ivory could have an even better season.

The Jets have a lot of questions at quarterback again this year, as well as some problems at wide receiver. Santonio Holmes, when he's not being recalcitrant, hasn't topped 1,000 yards as the primary receiver for the Jets, and Stephen Hill remains a very raw prospect who needs to show more consistency.

If Ivory can stay healthy this year, he should be in for a big season for the Jets and fantasy owners.

He has ability. He's not a guy many fantasy owners know about, so he has anonymity. We know he'll have opportunity.

I guess we can add one more "ity" to the list because if he has durability, he'll be a home run for owners who take him.

Who else is on the list? Watch the video and find out and share your own sleepers in the comments—assuming you feel OK tipping your league-mates off.

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