Darren McFadden Visits Oakland Raiders

greg pitschSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2008

Monday was a day that most Raider fans have been waiting for. Since the rumors began, anticipation has been high.  Now that Darren McFadden has officially met with the Oakland Coaching Staff, it seems more like reality. 

For those who believe we don't need him, you're absolutely right. 

But the fact is the owner likes him, Lane Kiffin wants either him or Jake Long, and the fans, well, many are way off track.

We have spent the money on the defense, more money on the defense, and then a bit on the offense. Only one offensive player actually cost significant cash. 

We have a chance to be frightening on offense, and I believe our defense is much improved this offseason.  But our defense was not our biggest hole last year, costing us games. That was the offense.

You can't expect a defense to be top notch when they are on the field for more than 35 minutes a game or 10 minutes a quarter.

How many games came down to us having a last chance to win the game in the fourth quarter? 

How many of those were lost to an interception, thrown either by McCown (gone) or Culpepper (not re-signed)? 

On top of that there were numerous games in which we had more than one three-and-out in the last quarter.

I am not saying McFadden will replace Fargas, but the two together—both with fresh legs—in front of Michael Bush would be an absolutely phenomenal set-up. 

The ability to keep our high-priced defense off the field is what we need.  We do not need to make our defense the most expensive in the league, and keep them on the field.

You can disagree, but I have knowledge and understanding of how this works. I have witnessed the drafts by Al Davis, and have come to realize this isn't just talk. We are not hyping up the kid. He will be wearing silver and black.

If you don't like the pick, are you going to be the loser at the draft booing his team's selection only to find out it was the best pick halfway through the season?