2006 Colts Draft- Typical Colts

Dustin RoederCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 21:  Tight end Marcedes Lewis #89 of the Jacksonville Jaguars is tackled by Antoine Bethea #41 of the Indianapolis Colts on September 21, 2008 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

It's time to grade the Colts on their 2006 draft.

For grading criteria, if the player made it to the Pro Bowl, he gets an A. If he has started at least 24 games, 1.5 seasons, he gets a B. C's are still on the team. D's are still in the NFL. F's are no longer in the NFL. Plus and minuses are subjective.

Round one, Pick 30: Joseph Addai, RB, LSU:

Addai has already made the Pro Bowl, but is often injured. His only full season was his first, where he didn't start until the playoffs, and was part of a good RB tandem. Since then his numbers have decreased each season, as well as the number of games played, and the amount of playoff games the Colts have been to.

Addai has 748 total touches with 3,592 yards from scrimmage in three seasons. He has scored 30 TDs. The Colts will only go as far as their RBs can take them.

Grade: A

Round Two, Pick 62: Tim Jennings, CB, Georgia:

Tim has played in 38 games, earning 16 starts. He has two interceptions and 104 tackles in his career. I'm going to grade him as a starter, because when you play nickel for the Colts, it should be considered a start.

Grade: B+

Round Three, Pick 94: Freddie Keiaho, LB, San Diego State:

Keiaho has started 25 games for the Colts, and played in another 14. He has gathered 205 tackles, an interception, and half of a sack. He is a typical Colts pick, and I don't expect him to stick around very long.

Grade: B

Round Five, Pick 162: Michael Toudouze, G, Texas Christian:

He appeared in four games for the Colts in 2007, and was released. He is no longer in the NFL.

Grade: F

Round Six, Pick 199: Charlie Johnson, T, Oklahoma State:

Charlie is the Colts sixth lineman. He is versatile, and that allows him to gather playing time and starts. In his Career he has started 27 games including all 16 last year. He may end up as the starting Right Tackle in 2009, after filling in for Tony Ugoh last year.

Grade: B+

Round Six, Pick 207: Antoine Bethea, SS, Howard:

A 2007 Pro Bowler, he is the yin to Bob Sanders yang. He has started all 33 of his appearances with seven career interceptions and 256 tackles.

Grade A

Round Seven, Pick 238: T.J. Rushing, CB, Stanford:

T.J. has played in 20 games for the Colts, making 24 tackles. He was on the injured reserve in 2008.

Grade: C

So we will add up all of the grade points, just like you would in college, grade x credits. Lets pretend that the first round is a seven credit class, the second round is six and so forth. The Colts have 26 credits, with 80.4 grade points. 

That gives them a GPA of 3.09.

Here would be how the Colts would describe their draft strategy. Lets take at least one O lineman every year. Linebackers are easy to come by for our scheme, so lets always keep that position stocked with youth, and let other teams overpay our linebackers.

That will also ring true with our DBs. But if we happen to get an exceptional one, we'll pay him. If we happen to have a "need" and their is a player that represents "average value." We'll take him, as long as he will also fit our system.

That being said. The Colts will always have good drafts from this grading standpoint. They play their kids early and let them develop. Then replace the with New kids. It works pretty well.