MLB Prospect Proclaims Disdain for Yankees, Gets Drafted by Yankees

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 7, 2013

Ian Clarkin might want that one back. 

Yahoo! Sports spotted one of the more hilarious moments from Thursday's MLB draft coverage. Well, it's at least on par with commissioner Bud Selig forgetting what year it is on a comedic scale. 

Clarkin, a left-handed pitcher from San Diego, relived one of his most treasured memories from being a young baseball fan, and it just so happens to be Luis Gonzalez's Arizona Diamondbacks team beating the New York Yankees in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series. 

A pleasant stroll down memory lane included this ill-fated quote: "I cannot stand the Yankees, so I was actually in tears cause I was so happy."

Yeah, the Yankees drafted him with the 33rd pick in the first round. 

Yes, Yankees fans have a very good memory, and some can't wait to give the kid some friendly boos if he ever makes it up to the bigs. 

Still, Clarkin had a pretty damn good day if you ask me. He was taken in the first round by a great franchise and got to meet his boyhood idol in Gonzalez. 

The young southpaw didn't look too worried about future vitriol because of his Yankees disdain. He sort of laughed off the thought while giving an "Oh, my gosh."

Cut the kid some slack, Yankee fans. You should be used to fans around the world proclaiming the same any time your organization is mentioned. 

Besides, something tells me Clarkin has a new favorite team. 


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