Greg Jennings Trolls Packers Fans by Taking Brett Favre Over Aaron Rodgers

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 6, 2013

Greg Jennings is fitting into his role as hated rival rather nicely for Green Bay Packers fans. 

Pioneer Press (h/t Larry Brown Sports) interviewed the former Packers receiver who is now playing for the Minnesota Vikings. 

In the exchange, Jennings does everything he possibly can to take on the persona of the bad guy who is now suiting up for the enemy. Then again, maybe he just forgot Aaron Rodgers' name. 

Here is what he said when asked how Christian Ponder compares to Rodgers and Brett Favre

When you talk about comparing quarterbacks, it's hard to compare guys. I'll take Brett. He did it for so long. I got there in a period of time where Brett already was there (as an elite quarterback). Then the guy they have now, he sat behind Brett and he learned so much. Christian didn't really have that opportunity. He had to jump in. The way you compare them has to be a little different. The guy they have now (Rodgers) was (essentially) a veteran rookie. It's a little different, but Christian has tremendous upside. I think what I see now is a quarterback who's maturing and who's growing and wanting to learn and grow, which is huge.

Jennings takes Favre, and we can't argue with him. I am still convinced Rodgers—a three-time Pro Bowler who has a Super Bowl MVP before the age of 30—will garner several more accolades that will shape his legacy. 

Still, Jennings caught passes from both stars, so we will be generous and allow the actual NFL player to, you know, offer his opinion. 

However, this screams of hilarious trolling from a former Packers player asserting himself as pure Vikings purple. 

As Larry Brown Sports cleverly points out, Jennings mentioned Favre by name three times in his answer but just couldn't bring himself to recall Rodgers' name. It makes sense because it has been a few months since the two shared a locker room. 

Keep your chin up, Rodgers. If you recall, Donald Driver once told USA Today (h/t Larry Brown Sports) that he would take Rodgers if given the choice. 

As if Jennings didn't already come away as someone who was dumped, he is now playing it cool with the next question. 

LBS: A lot of guys can't wait to play their ex-team. Do you have anything you want to show or prove to the Packers?

GJ: I move on. There's no love lost. It's a business. Obviously, it's one of those situations where I'm going to enjoy playing them. At the same time, I don't have them on my to-do list, like, "Oh, man, I can't wait to get to that game."

Yeah, like whateverI would actually be shocked if Jennings remembered the name of his former team. 

Vikings fans can rest easy because their new receiver is all-in with his new team. Packers fans, you can overreact accordingly. 


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