Tim Tebow Must Speak for Himself Regarding NFL Future

Benjamin Klein@BenjaminJKleinContributor IIIJune 4, 2013

Are you going to say something, Tim?
Are you going to say something, Tim?Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve heard a lot about Tim Tebow and his potential future in the NFL this offseason, but we haven’t heard from Tebow himself about what plans to do.

There’s no question that Tebow is in a tough spot. He doesn't have great mechanics at all and there isn’t much of a place on any team in the league for him—whether it’s at quarterback or another position. But Tebow hasn’t said whether he’s going to continue trying to find an NFL job or if he has other ideas.

We know that the AFL’s Philadelphia Soul part-owner Ron Jaworski offered Tebow a job, per Ed Barkowitz of Philly.com. We don’t know if he’s going to accept that type of deal or not. Jaworski said that he hasn’t heard back from the former Florida Gator.

David Fleming of ESPN recently reported that those in Tebow’s camp believe that his NFL career is over. Fleming notes that it’s tough to find a teammate that speaks poorly of Tebow’s character, but it’s equally as tough to find a scout that speaks highly of his abilities on the field.

NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport asked one person very close to Tebow about the former quarterback’s future: his father, Bob Tebow. Mr. Tebow told Rapoport not to believe everything that he hears. It appears that he believes his son still has hope.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post notes how Tebow could become the second quarterback since 1970 to start and win a playoff matchup and then, despite being active, never start another NFL game again.

I’m sure Tebow doesn’t want that statistic next to his name, but it’s becoming more and more likely as time goes on. Whether Tebow is going to try to prevent that from happening is the real question.

The problem is that the only ones we’ve heard from are anonymous people in Tebow’s camp (per Fleming) and Tebow’s father (per Rapoport). We have yet to hear from Tim Tebow.

There has yet to be a report on what Tebow is saying and he's yet to put anything about his future on his Twitter account.

So what’s the deal, Tim?

Give us some sort of hint as to what’s going to happen with you in the next year or so.

Are you going to work toward getting back in the NFL? Are you going to sign a deal in the AFL or maybe even the Canadian Football League? Are you going to sit at home and watch your former teammates play on TV all of next season? What’s it going to be?

The theories surrounding Tebow’s future aren’t going to stop until he comes out and says something in person. I’m sure it’s an extremely difficult decision to make, but he must come out and make some sort of statement.

Enough of the sources and relatives speaking for him. He needs to speak for himself.