Wonderful Strip Club Story Paints a Classy Picture of Royals Great George Brett

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 31, 2013

30 Sep 1992:  Infielder George Brett of the Kansas City Royals in action during a game against the California Angels at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Dunn  /Allsport
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

You wouldn't think a strip club would be the environment for a wonderful and classy move, but that's exactly what we get with this story on George Brett

CBS Sports spotted an odd tale featured over at CleveScene.com that will have you thinking just one thing about the former MLB star: "Whata guy!"

It seems Brett headed to a strip club with former Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner back in the late '80s. When patrons began hounding Buckner about his famous error, a bathroom attendant at the establishment stepped in. 

Here is what the man affectionately known as "Door George" had to say, via CleveScene.com

This was '87, and the Kansas City Royals were in town. This was the year after Buckner let that ball go through his legs in the World Series. And, well, I didn't recognize Buckner, but I recognized Brett. And somebody was giving Buckner a hard time on account of that ball going through his legs.

And I took care of them, moved them to a more private table and got them drinks. And Brett, he appreciated it. He asks me 'Can you come to the ballgame tomorrow night?' And I say, sure.

Next day, here comes a limousine and an envelope with $100 and two tickets to the game with a note thanking me for looking out for them.

The interview centers on Door George and his time as an attendant and the various experiences that come with years working in a strip club bathroom.

If he were to stop there, the story would already be an amazing example of an athlete going above and beyond to offer simple thanks, but there is so much more.  

George raises an index finger, the story's not over.

"From that day on—I never saw him again in my life—but every time the Royals were in town, sure enough, I got an envelope with $100 and two tickets, up 'til the day he retired. That George Brett, now there was a classy guy."

Classy doesn't even begin to describe how awesome this act truly is, because any athlete, any person, would have forgotten about a small act of kindness and moved on. 

Not Brett. 

The Royals legend made a point to brighten the day of this attendant every single time he was in town, and he never once made mention of it as best we can tell. 

As CBS Sports cleverly points out, the Royals are now 1-0 under the interim hitting coach. Perhaps the baseball gods caught wind of this truly wonderful story.


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