Angels vs. Royals Video: Watch Bees Swarm Kansas City's Dugout

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Sometimes, nature interferes with the ability to play baseball.

We have seen different types of animals on the field in the past, from birds to squirrels to flies. However, things got a little more dangerous on Sunday when a swarm of bees entered the dugout. 

Prior to the start of the game between the Los Angeles Angels and Kansas City Royals, a large cluster of bees got comfortable in the visiting dugout, and the Angels were unable to get onto the field until about 90 minutes before first pitch (via ESPN).

A beekeeper was eventually summoned to remove the bugs and the squad was able to resume normal baseball activities.

Fortunately, no players were stung during the incident. Still, this is something to be careful about, especially if there is anyone on the roster with allergies.

In the unlikely event Kansas City employed this as a strategy to negatively impact its opponent's performance, it failed to work, as Los Angeles was able to come away with a 5-2 victory to complete the four-game sweep.

The Royals fell to 21-26 on the season, including 10-12 at home in Kauffman Stadium.

Anyhow, it appears that not everything is fine and dandy when it comes to playing outside in the nice summer heat. Just like the average fan has to deal with bees crashing their Memorial Day-weekend barbecues, apparently players have to deal with them crashing their party as well. 

Hopefully, this fluke occurrence remains a one-time thing and players can once again feel safe inside the dugout.

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