Green Bay Packers Getting Those Fond Feelings for Brett Favre Once Again

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalSenior Writer IIMarch 27, 2017

What's the statute of limitations on prodigal sons returning?

Fox Sports Wisconsin reports the Green Bay Packers are ready to accept legendary quarterback Brett Favre back into the fold in some capacity. 

Mark Murphy, president and CEO of the team, stated as much to the website:

We want to have (Favre) back in the family. I thought he and Aaron (Rodgers) jointly presenting the Comeback Player of the Year Award was a great first step. We're hopeful to have (Favre) back in the fold and get him back involved in the organization soon.

There is no mention as to what kind of role Favre might have in the organization. The only thing that is certain is that the franchise he played 16 seasons for—winning a Super Bowl with in 1997—wants him back. 

Of course, you cannot mention Favre and the Packers in the same story without reliving the soap opera that concluded a remarkable tenure.

Fox Sports Wisconsin's Paul Imig does just that with what we assume was limited eye rolling. As a reminder, Favre retired from the Packers back in 2008, only to think better of his decision and ask to come back to the team. 

At that point, the Packers had already moved on with Aaron Rodgers, which led to a melodramatic back-and-forth with the Packers' front office and star quarterback, who very much wanted to play. 

Favre would later play with the New York Jets and then the Minnesota Vikings, an act of defiance some fans may never forgive. 

Of course, time heals all petty wounds, and as Murphy noted above, Favre seemed to be in great spirits as he reunited with Rodgers at the NFL Honors show earlier this year. 

Imig reports the Packers' current star QB was on a local Wisconsin radio show back in February and mentioned that the time was right to bring back a man who meant so much to this organization.

"I thought it was good timing to just let the fans know, to let Brett know, let's move forward," Rodgers said. "Let's heal things up and move forward."

Murphy even mentioned last year that he could see retiring Favre's number at some point in the near future, an act that should seem far more obvious as the years go by. 

It's now been two seasons since Favre wore a hated team's colors and more than five since he was a member of the Packers contingent. 

It's about time to remember the good times he shared in Green Bay. It's about time for Favre to come on home.


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