Padres Minor-League Team Will Bring Back Awful Jerseys for Special Disco Night

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 14, 2013

Photo Credit: (via Yahoo! Sports)
Photo Credit: (via Yahoo! Sports)

The Tucson Padres will be tough to ignore come June 8. In fact, you might want to cover your eyes from now until the end of the summer. 

CBS Sports (h/t Yahoo! Sports) came upon some terrifying news. It seems the San Diego Padres' Class AAA affiliate will don some duds of days gone by next month. 

And you have been warned. 

Jimmy Sexton (pictured above), who Yahoo! Sports reminds us would later go on to become a sports agent, looks far too depressed for someone wearing every last color in the visible spectrum all at once. 

No matter, because there will soon be more MLB hopefuls to once again wear these fabulous nightmares. It seems the Tucson Padres will be holding a "Disco Night" at Kino Stadium on June 8, which coincides with the players being forced to wear these unfortunate jerseys. 

Both reports point to Arizona Daily Star's Patrick Finley's account of what transpired to doom these uniforms. You know, other than them being the worst sports jerseys in the history of such things. It all went down back in 1980 when the then-Astros affiliate Toros decided to wear them. 

One day at the start of the Tucson Toros' 1980 season, the team's clubhouse manager ran into then-general manager Jack Donovan's office.

"It's not my fault!" he yelled. "I washed them the same way I washed every uniform, ever!"

In the warm water, the team's new jerseys - judged by history to be among the ugliest ever, as if the Raisin Bran sun threw up in diagonal stripes - had turned an awful color.

Well, more awful colors.

And so, as if fate were the only entity with good sense, the jerseys were wiped from the face of the earth because of a laundry debacle. 

Now the Padres want to take another organization's obvious sartorial shortcomings and make it their own, at least for one night. 

It makes sense, because if there is one team that would embrace muted brown and ugly mustard, it would be the Padres

Don't worry, Tucson Padres players. You have a few weeks to be called up or sent down. 


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