Drew Brees Squired Wife to 'The Great Gatsby' Dressed for Roaring 20's Party

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 14, 2013

Photo Credit: Drew Brees Twitter
Photo Credit: Drew Brees Twitter

Drew Brees is a great football player and better husband because he enthusiastically dressed the part for his recent trip to the movie theater to watch The Great Gatsby with his wife. 

Lob Shots (h/t Next Impulse Sports) spotted the following image featuring an ecstatic Brees getting his picture taken for a Monday showing of the biggest movie at the moment. 

Here is your daily dose of lovely via Brees' Twitter account

The only time I have seen Brees this happy he had a Super Bowl trophy in his hand. The man is super geeked to see Leonardo DiCaprio take on the role of the ill-fated Jay Gatsby. 

I have to agree with Next Impulse Sports' Chris Partlow that the best part in all this is the couple decided to nix the Hollywood hoopla and descend on what seems to be just a regular movie theater. 

Someone in the area had to have spotted a gussied-up Brees and his beautiful flapper wife heading into this movie and thought, is that...nah. We would love to hear from you. 

This would be the part where I would provide a great deal of snark and label Brees the biggest dapper dork the sports world has ever seen. 

Not going to happen. 

You are barking up the wrong tree if you think I find anything negative about this scene. A star quarterback squired his beautiful wife, Brittany, to the movies, and it looks like they had far more fun than all of you who went in your everyday normal wardrobe. 

There is a right way to see Gatsby and a boring way. Brees is just a better man than I am, because he turned a random Monday night at the movies into an all-out affair. 

If you think there is anything wrong with that, take a gander at his wife's smile. Something tells me he is doing something right. 


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