What To Do? What To Do? How the Kansas City Cheifs' Draft Complicates Things

phil henryContributor IApril 28, 2009

I was certain, as well as I think all us chiefs fans were, that Aaron Curry would be a Chief at the end of the day. With all the potential of this kid I couldn't help but wait for the Chiefs to call his name. Instead, they called Tyson Jackson, DE LSU.

I was a bit confused but said "hey, he will be good for a 3-4 D." A five technique DE is what we need, and from what I hear is a pretty good one too.

Still there is confusion with this pick. There have been two positions listed with Jacksons name, LB, and DE. I keep hearing he can be a line backer and a defensive end in the 3-4.  By the looks of him, he looks like a nose tackle. Meaning he looks a little too large to be a speed rushing line backer, and a little slow to be a DE.

This pick confuses me because basically we drafted a run stuffing DE/LB at No. 3 with those trates I stated above (this is based on my opinion on the film ESPN was showing of him).

Only time will tell us if he is worthy of a third overall pick. I just don't see why we didn't take someone with better value at No. 3. Obviously Pioli sees something special in this kid, and thinks he can be a good player. Lets just hope that happens!

Then to take Magee in the third really raises the question as to "What are we going to do with DT Glenn Dorsey?" I understand depth, I understand rotation, but now we have Dorsey, Tank, Turk, Boone, Edwards,Hali, Magee, and Jackson all fighting for three or five spots.

To me, I felt a solid LB, or O lineman was of better value at this point in the draft then another DL. Maybe the possibility of moving Hali to the speed rushing LB and Dorsey to DE?

So as of now there are a couple of senerios the Chiefs could do to get the best talent on the field at once:

1.) Hali and Jackson snag the two starting DE spots with Magee and Dorsey on a rotation up the middle, Vrabel, Johnson, Thomas, and Williams at LB.

2.) Hali and Dorsey snag the two starting DE spots with Magee up the middle, Jackson, Vrabel, Johnson, Thomas at LB.

3.)Jackson and Dorsey snag the two starting DE spots with Magee up the middle, Hali, Vrabel, Johnson, and Thomas at LB.

So the question is "what do the Chiefs do with all this talent they have accumulated over the past two years and be successful in the 3-4 defense?"