Kentucky Derby 2013 Video: Watch Tom Brady Celebrate Orb's Win

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

We've seen Tom Brady celebrate three Super Bowl wins. We've seen him bust a move at Carnival. And now, we've seen him celebrate with Orb's connections at the Kentucky Derby after the horse won the 139th running of the race. 

And boy, was he celebrating. Check out the video below.

Was that Wes Welker jumping on the pile at the end there? Perhaps the two former teammates spent the weekend lamenting the New England Patriots grossly undervaluing the dangerous slot receiver this offseason over a few mint juleps and betting slips.

Given his celebration, you might think that perhaps Brady had a little more riding on Orb's victory than simply rooting interests. Chris B. Brown of Grantland heard the following rumor making the rounds at Churchill Downs:

According to the Boston Herald that bet would have paid out around $25,000, so you can understand his excitement.

Per Andrew Robinson of Business First, it remains unclear what Brady's connection is with the winning horse:

It's not clear what the connection is between Brady and Orb. And despite the jubilant celebration in the owners' area, Brady declined the opportunity to head to the winner's circle, despite urging by other connections and even security officers.

Here's Orb winning the race:

For all of the memorable moments Brady has provided on the football field, he certainly has given us plenty to remember off the gridiron as well. 

Honestly, who could forget his moves at Carnival?

And the water slide. Oh, the water slide...

I kid, of course. Besides, it's hard to give Brady too much of a hard time on a day when he was sporting a rather dapper bow tie:

After all, everyone knows that bow ties are cool.

If Brady did indeed have a few bucks on Orb, as the rumors indicate, he'll be hoping he can carry his good luck into the 2013 NFL season. While the Patriots are a perennial playoff team, they haven't won a Super Bowl since 2005, losing to the New York Giants in 2008 and 2012.