2013 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Clear Winners of Day 1

Sam QuinnContributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Did the Minnesota Vikings just somehow end up with three of the 20 best guys in the entire draft? How did this happen? I'm still trying to shake off the E.J Manuel pick. 

Let's try this again: The Vikings were the winner of Day 1. Anyone who disagrees needs to be banned from football. They did a spectacular job of bringing in talent.

I'm not as crazy about Sharrif Floyd as most people, but he was a projected top-five pick. And the Vikings got him all the way at No. 23. This would basically be the equivalent of Matt Kalil falling into the mid-20s last year. It's incredible value.

Xavier Rhodes fills their biggest need at cornerback, which is good considering that by the end of last season, their cornerbacks were either invisible or just so bad that they couldn't stay on screen with opposing receivers.

Finally, I can't say enough about the Cordarrelle Patterson pick. He's a stud. He has all of the physical tools to be a great NFL receiver, and pairing him with Greg Jennings gives the Vikings a much-improved receiving corps even without Percy Harvin (who, really, was a lot more trouble than he was worth).

And the Vikings got all three of these guys? When was the last time a team got three studs in one first round? Heck, when was the last time a team got three guys in the first round period

There was no top-five pick for the Vikings. They had three shots in the 20s and hit all of them out of the park. Say what you will about giving up all of those later picks, but the Vikings were a playoff team in 2013 and decided to go all in. Personally, I don't blame them. The results were that good.

I like what St. Louis did, and the Steelers lucked out with Jarvis Jones at No. 17, but the Vikings won Day 1, and frankly, it wasn't particularly close. Who cares if they miss out on all of the Day 2 fun?