Joe Namath's Odd Behavior at 2013 Draft Conjures Up MNF Memories

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

Image via NFL
Image via NFL

Another year, another rollicking Joe Namath moment in the public eye. 

Namath hit the stage and hit it hard Thursday night alongside Phil Simms and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to promote Super Bowl XLVIII. And by “promote,” I mean yell hysterically.

The Hall of Famer grabbed the mic and let it drop.

“New York! New Jersey! Super Bowl 48!” screamed Namath, leaning into the microphone. 

Put simply, it was a strange moment for everyone watching and brought back malt-soaked memories of a certain overly friendly interview Namath conducted with Suzy Kolber on the sideline of a Monday Night Football game in 2003. 

Heyo! Yes, that’s the way Broadway Joe rolls when the cameras roll. He reacts to that red dot on the camera like a bull reacts to a red matador flag—enthusiastically and usually to his own detriment.

According to numerous Twitter users, Kolber has been sighted at the Radio City Music Hall for the Draft. Yes, the two are reportedly in the same building for the event.

With that, is Namath in the same “form” as he was in 2003? Has he gone through the proper pre-interview rituals, which presumably involve winking his eyes at a grimy bar mirror and shotgunning a few tasty treats?  

Surveys say yes: 

Now all we can do is sit tight and hope—hope—to see more of Broadway Joe before this night ends. It’s not that we deserve it, it’s that we need it.

Oh Joe, shall I compare thee to a creaky bar stool: Dr__Carson