Ten Top Tens For The 2009 NFL Draft

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IApril 23, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 22:  Running back Knowshon Moreno of Georgia runs with the football during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 22, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Top Ten Players Available

1. Knowshon Moreno

I have news for the "gurus" out there, this isn't even close.


2. Michael Crabtree

Loves the Big Game.


3. Rey Maualuga

Big-time player.


4. Malcolm Jenkins

Plays the hardest position to find a player at.


5. Eugene Monroe

An easy pick.


6. Beanie Wells

Could start for most NFL teams tomorrow.


7. Mark Sanchez

The distance between him and the second-best QB in the draft, Josh Freeman, isn't even close.


8. Aaron Curry

Wake wasn't nearly as good this past year but it wasn't Curry's fault.


9. Hakeem Nicks

Another Butch Davis gem.


10. Larry English

If he went to Illinois as opposed to Northern Illinois, he's a top-five pick.


Ten Busts Waiting to Happen

1. Matthew Stafford

Terrible leader, terrible decision maker who doesn't understand how to run an offense. Imagine what he'll be like with money.


2. Percy Harvin

Doesn't fit a position and injury problems. A pothead as well.


3. Darrius Heyward-Bey

Sprinters rarely make good wideouts.


4. James Laurinaitis

Andy Katzenmoyer and Eric Kumerow—nuff said.


5. Vontae Davis

I smell toast.


6. Brian Cushing

Something doesn't seem right. Injuries and accusations.


7. Andre Smith

I hope I'm wrong because if he doesn't succeed it won't be because of talent.


8. Brian Orakpo

Texas has a long history of first round busts. The odds are in favor of him being one.


9. Aaron Maybin

I have seen better PSU ends fail.


10. Clay Matthews

Simply not that good.


Ten Best Players Who Won't Go in Round One

1. Larry English

See above.


2. LeSean McCoy

May go 50 picks behind Matt Stafford?


3. Patrick Chung

For those who don't watch college football, Oregon's secondary was ridiculous last year.


4. Kyle Bell

I want him on my team.


5. Ian Johnson

If everyone is enamored with Heyward Bey on speed, this guy is the one on everyone's list that they refuse to talk about.


6. Tyrell Fenroy

Watch out, fantasy owners!


7. Sammie Stroughter

Two more S's: Super Star.


8. Pat White

Super-talented, multi-faceted, and a good character guy to boot.


9. Juaquin Iglesias

I see this one slipping through too many cracks.


10. Sherrod Martin

I don't think anyone covered Troy like we did.


Ten Things We'll Be Sick of Hearing During The Draft

1. "Body of Work"

Just gets tiresome.


2. "Wingspan"

Really, who cares?


3. "Fills a Need"

Isn't that the idea of the draft?


4. "Coachable"

For $50 million, should be.


5. "Couldn't Believe He Was On The Board"

Believe it, he was.


6. "War Room"

Yeah these guys look like they're at war. Especially the one mouthing "pass the guacamole."


7. "I Had Him At _____"

Obviously no one that mattered did.


8. "The Longest Round __ in History"

This record gets broken every year.


9. "A Reach At That Spot"

We've all seen it enough. Most guys are a reach when you are talking that kind of money.


10. "Measurables"

This isn't even really a word.


Ten Teams Who Traditionally Draft Well

1. Pittsburgh

You rarely hear about them signing a free agent, yet they always seem to be winning.


2. Philadelphia

This could just be the coaching.


3. Carolina

Sneaky good.

4. Indianapolis

To quote my above section, look at the body of work.


5. Minnesota-

Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Bryant Mckinnie, etc.


6. San Diego

Another team who rarely signs the free agent but loses a bunch of them.


7. Baltimore

Kyle Boller is the closest thing to a first-round bust.  Other than him, all golden.


8. Tampa Bay

Have traditionally had high picks.


9. Dallas

Take the draft almost too seriously.


10. New England

Wasn't always this way.


Ten Teams Who Never Seem to Get It Right

1. Cincinnati

Who can waste the most No. 1s?


2. Detroit

Doesn't look like the post-Millen era is off to a much better start.


3. Oakland

Too much reaching.


4. Miami

At least in Round One.


5. New York Jets



6. Cleveland

Has been pretty horrible.


7. New Orleans

Traditionally one of the worst.


8. Chicago

Leaves us scratching our heads.


9. Kansas City

There's a reason the Chiefs never make it to the next level.


10. Green Bay

Actually, I thought last year was one of their better drafts.

Ten Horrible Picks In Round One We Never Hear About

1. Kenneth Sims



2. John Bosa

In Miami they haven't forgotten.


3. Danny Noonan

Any Cowboy fans out there?


4. Roger Vick

Too many Jets for just 10 spaces.


5. Jarrod Bunch

Pathetic choice.


6. Courtney Young

The hype machine lived on.


7. Keith McCants

Was supposed to be All-World.


8. Derrick Brown

Had all the tools—except the ones that could play football.


9. Dan Wilkenson

Never panned out. Lived off of his reputation.


10. John Avery

Why not? Miami has so many.


Top Ten Colleges with Players Drafted in the Last 10 Years

1. Miami

65 Drafted, 27 First Round


2. Tennessee

59 Drafted, 10 First Round


3. Ohio State

70 Drafted, 17 First Round


4. Georgia

56 Drafted, 10 First Round


5. Florida State

59 Drafted, 13 First Round


6. Texas

38 Drafted, 12 First Round


7. USC

56 Drafted, 13 First Round


8. Michigan

48 Drafted, Eight First Round


9. Florida

55 Drafted, 10 First Round


10. Purdue

32 Drafted, Two First Round

Ten No. 1 Overall Picks Who Won a Super Bowl with the Team That Drafted Them

1. Paul Hornung

The first one.


2. Joe Namath

The AFL counts.


3. Bubba Smith

One of the best ever at all levels of the game.


4. Terry Bradshaw

Of course he won four.


5. Ed "Too Tall" Jones

How bout them Cowboys!


6. Russell Maryland

The Outland winner that year.


7. Troy Aikman

Won a few.


8. Drew Bledsoe

Didn't start in the one he won.


9. Orlando Pace

It was a quick turnaround for the Rams.


10. Peyton Manning

Remember how bad they were his rookie year?


The Last 10 "Mr. Irrelevant"

2008-David Vobora (Idaho)

2007-Ramzee Robinson (Alabama)

2006-Kevin McMahan (Maine)

2005-Andy Stokes (William Penn)

2004-Andre Sommersell (Colorado State)

2003-Ryan Hoag (Gustavus Adolphus)

2002-Ahmad Miller (UNLV)

2001-Tevita Ofahengaue (BYU)

2000-Michael Green (Northwestern State (LA))

1999-James Finn (Pennsylvania)


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