Trevardo Williams Scouting Report: NFL Outlook for Connecticut OLB

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IIApril 25, 2013

Nov 09, 2012; East Hartford, CT, USA; Connecticut Huskies defensive end Trevardo Williams (48) and defensive tackle Ryan Wirth (53) carry flags onto the field before the start of the game against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Rentschler Field. UConn defeated Pittsburgh 24-17. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Trevardo Williams

Houston Texans

Fourth Round, 124th Pick

Connecticut defensive end and linebacker Trevardo Williams is another Husky who is trying to make his pro football debut in 2013. He's an interesting fit in the 2013 NFL Draft—he could end up being a true steal for a team who is willing to select him and be patient while he develops.

Follow along as we explore Williams' abilities on and off the field:

Overall Strengths

+ Williams is one of the most athletic linebacker prospects in the draft.

+ His character and intangibles are exactly what a head coach would want in the locker room.

+ He's a very talented pass-rusher who creates quick pressure.

+ Trevardo is highly effective as an edge-setting run-stuffer.

+ He has strong hand usage but needs to refine it.

+ He's a solid tackler all around.

Overall Weaknesses

- He gets blocked out of plays against the run by bigger players.

- He has to improve his variation and strategy with his hands.

- Pass coverage is questionable because he was never used there.

Draft Projection

Williams looks to go as high as the third round or as low as the fifth. If he does somehow slip into the very late rounds or even go undrafted, whoever picks him up will be very happy with the player they end up with.

Tools ( + )

Trevardo Williams is one of the most athletic players in this year's draft at linebacker, defensive end or a flex between the two spots. He's extremely fast for a man of 241 pounds, running a 4.57 in the 40-yard dash. Add in a 38" vertical and good cone and shuttle times, and the UConn product has shown that he has a ton of potential based on his physical talent.

Intangibles, Character and Injuries ( + ) 

On the field, Trevardo Williams is a known hard worker and high-motor guy. Off the field, he's someone who hasn't been arrested or suspended. While he isn't a team captain, he is definitely one of those guys who will lead in the locker room by example. Williams is also an iron man of sorts. He never missed any time due to injuries on the field in college.


Trevardo Williams was used with his hand in the dirt. He was used in a two-point stance. He was told to set the edge both standing and with his hand down. He was rarely told to drop back into coverage, but he was told to get after the quarterback and used effectively on stunts and pass-rushing calls.

Pass Coverage ( - )

After going through three full games of film on Williams, there weren’t enough plays to even judge what he could do in coverage. As he sits right now, he’s going to be a completely clean slate in coverage. But with his excellent athleticism, he could be very solid in coverage as a linebacker.

Pass Rush ( + )

While he doesn't have the size or strength to bust through double teams, he forces them to be called when he is on the field. On outside-in stunts he can force pressure with good leverage against the guard or center he is facing.

On the outside arcs, Williams gets around the edge quickly and can create backside pressure almost instantly. He doesn't just create pressure quickly—he instills fear into the quarterback.

Against the Run ( + and - )

Trevardo can blow up single isolation blocks on the edge in the run game. He doesn't just set an edge; he can push it back.

He gets tied up on blocks for quite a while sometimes and needs to get much better at shedding blocks. When he is unblocked, he stays disciplined in his defense and attacks the ball in the backfield. 

Tackling ( + )

Trevardo Williams is just a simple wrap-up tackler. He's reliable and delivers good pop when he does hit the ball-carrier. He also wraps up effectively when he is delivering a pop to the quarterback in the backfield on pass rushes. He can knock the ball out when he goes full speed and just attacks the quarterback.


Use of hands ( + and - )

Trevardo Williams is an excellent pass-rusher because he has an excellent rip and can shed offensive tackles.

However, he's not a textbook player with his hand usage and still needs to learn better techniques on how to get around the tackles he faces. He would benefit tremendously from learning a spin move to team with the rest of his pass-rushing moves.

Future Role and Scheme Versatility

Trevardo Williams' best fit in the pro game will be at 3-4 outside linebacker. He should also end up playing a defensive end pass-rush role in the nickel packages. Williams can bring a great pass rush from multiple spots on a defense.

Despite being basically a one-trick pony right now, he could eventually develop into a true full-time outside linebacker.

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