Why I Love the NFL Draft

Patrick WallCorrespondent IApril 23, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 26:  A general view shows the stage during the during the 2008 NFL Draft on April 26, 2008 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

All right, I admit it. I am an NFL addict.

Like many of you, I can't get enough of the game of football. Every snap, every play, every touchdown, every heartbreak, and every upset is a moment to be cherished.

And common sense be damned, I'm just as bad during the offseason.

Instead of spending quality time with friends and family, I'm scouring message boards and blogs, looking for the most recent information about this free agent or that rookie-to-be.

I probably need help.

But lo, there are those out there who share this obsession. We are the fans of the NFL, and we are many. And in the "non-playing season," there are few events as big as the NFL Draft, held this weekend at Radio City Music Hall in New York, New York.

It's the time of year where the Mike Mayocks and Mel Kipers of the world reappear in our lives, filling our heads with funny names like Knowshon Moreno and D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

Many will say they miss the old days when the NFL Draft was little more than a press conference. It was a simpler time, they will say. A better time.

To them, I say this: Screw you pal!

Indeed, it's hard to imagine that the founders of the NFL could have ever imagined what the event would turn into. Heck, the league didn't even have a formal draft until 1949.

But a lot has changed since then. There are now more teams in the NFL than in just about any other major sports league. Media coverage is non-stop. And fans are still willing to pay way too much for nosebleed seats.

Football has captured the hearts of Americans everywhere, and the league doesn't show signs of slowing down.

The splendor and drama that is the NFL Draft is fitting for the sport that has become larger than life. The dramatic buildup and comprehensive pre-draft coverage by networks like ESPN and NFL Network is only giving the fans what they want:

"More, more, and more!"

This Saturday, when you and your friends sit down to watch Roger Goodell announce the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, don't be ashamed of your love for the game of football.

Embrace it.

Love it.

Cherish it.

You won't be the only one.