Khaled Holmes: Video Highlights for Former USC OL

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystApril 27, 2013

Khaled Holmes: Video Highlights for Former USC OL

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    After a junior season in which USC center Khaled Holmes was an all-conference selection, big things were expected of both Holmes and the Trojans in 2012.

    However, injuries and inconsistent play by both Holmes and the USC offensive line as a whole, led to a very up-and-down 7-6 season, damaging the draft stock of the 6'3", 302-pounder in the process.

    With that said all is not lost, and here's a look at some of the talents that Holmes will bring to his next team.

Blitz Pickup: Vs. Hawaii (2012)

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    With Khaled Holmes getting hurt more than once during his senior season, missing the Senior Bowl and not taking part in workouts at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, there are as many questions as there are answers where Holmes is concerned.

    However, when Holmes is at 100 percent, he's a more than capable interior lineman, as he shows with this excellent blitz pickup in a September win over Hawaii.

Run-Blocking: Vs. Syracuse (2012)

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    As I said earlier in this article, things hardly went as planned for USC in 2012. Frankly, a lot of the blame for the Trojans' offensive struggles lies squarely with the offensive line, Holmes included.

    Whether due to the injuries that plagued him, or another reason altogether, Holmes was very inconsistent throughout the season. USC's September win over Syracuse was a microcosm of those struggles.

    Holmes had a very up-and-down game against the Orange. One of the ups was this play, where Holmes leveraged the defensive tackle onto his backside as running back Silas Redd scampered past for a big gain.

Getting Downfield: Vs. Oregon (2012)

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    We've beaten into the ground that 2012 wasn't especially kind to Khaled Holmes and the Trojans. That doesn't mean that dark cloud didn't have the occasional silver lining.

    One such silver lining came on this play against the Oregon Ducks, even if it happened in a shootout loss.

    As Redd takes the handoff and moves up the field, Holmes disengages and leads the way, showing solid quickness before popping a hapless defensive back.

Changing the Play Call: Vs. Utah (2012)

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    Khaled Holmes' greatest asset may well be his intelligence, especially where the game of football is concerned.

    In addition to making the offensive line calls at USC, it was also Holmes' responsibility to change those calls if he spotted a blitz.

    In an October win over Utah, Holmes could be seen doing just that, with favorable results for USC.

Last Call in LA: 2013 USC Pro Day

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    As I stated earlier, Khaled Holmes was unable to participate in either the 2013 Senior Bowl or the workouts at the combine.

    That made USC's recent pro day especially important, as it was one last chance for Holmes to showcase his talents for NFL scouts.

    In this clip, Holmes discusses his pro day and his preparations for the upcoming draft.