Fantasy Sports Can Get Frustrating!

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent IApril 22, 2009

Fantasy sports are becoming a very popular way to enjoy the professional sports you are already watching. It is a game where fantasy owners build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by individual players or teams of a professional sport. Playing these can be very enjoyable especially when you are in a competitive league with people you know.

However, it can also have occasions where it is very frustrating. I will be talking about competitive or buy in leagues because public leagues have two or three people who actually check it and you have a 90 percent chance of winning just by looking at your team once a week.

This game does take some skill such as researching progress of how the players are doing in the offseason, keeping up to date with injury reports, doing well in the draft, and also finding the biggest suckers in the league to trade with. Now if you are one of those players who do not take big risks and make risky trades, you definitely need to be doing your research to find the sleepers or the players ready for breakout years.

On the other hand, if you are super trade happy, get ready for some disappointments, because amazing trades do not happen every time, but they can have huge rewards. This is when you need to find the biggest suckers in the league. Maybe these people like a certain team, they would probably be more willing to trade one of their better players for a player they like. This leads other owners in the league to sit in front of their computer dumbfounded about how stupid certain owners can be sometimes.

Personally, I think fantasy baseball is the most frustrating of all due to the long season. It was so fun waking up in the morning last year just to see your team has a batting average of .200 every day, and an earned run average of over nine. Of course this doesn’t happen every day, but more often than football.

Knowing when players do good during each part of the season will help out a whole lot, so you can trade Dan Uggla coming off a 12 HR May and AJ Burnett for Ichiro, Vlad, and Chone Figgins in early July. As many of you may know, Uggla would drop off after that and have a pathetic rest of the season.

I feel the need to talk about fantasy basketball. Does anyone even play this seriously? I do not know one legitimate league where they are really competitive and check it. You just do not hear trash talking about this game. It is pathetic in my opinion, you may get an invite or two to play it, but it is certainly not going to be competitive, and it definitely will not be buy in.

No one is willing to do this because it is so pointless. A perfect example would be me joining a league like this year. I had a pretty good draft, and basically went through then entire season in one sitting just making sure my players were in on game days. Now I am in the championship with one day left of the season. I did not even know I was in the championship until a few days ago. It is just dreadful.

Fantasy football is by the most dominant and popular of all fantasy sports. There are less games played so each move you make is extremely vital to winning the league. There are long weeks full of dramatic injuries, analysts going back and forth saying he will play, he won’t play, game time decisions.

You need to be close to a computer on Sunday because many times decisions will be need to be made five minutes before the game. The game is also extremely frustrating. It is really fun seeing your stud running back who is not on a playoff contender sit the second half against the Rams. How pointless is that?

Fantasy playoffs are lost like that and it’s hard to predict what the coach will do, will the player pout and bench himself? How about when you’re running back moves the ball all the way down the field just so a goal line back can steal your six points, or when your wide receiver gets tackled at the one-yard line?

Watching these games can be pretty rough on a die hard fantasy owner. This is especially true when the reward of winning in buy in leagues can be a pretty nice chunk of dough.

Many people get mad at fantasy owners for often times wanting their fantasy team to do better than their favorite professional teams. To some extent, it does take the fan’s pride of their team away, but they need to walk in our shoes before they judge us.

Until they have to make attempts to cheer for Tarvaris Jackson or Ryan Gomes, they do not know the feeling of joy when their defensive player gets a sack scoring you two points, or gets a monster block on a jump shot to put you ahead head to head. It eases the pain of watching your franchises struggle.