Why I Hate The NFL Draft

Captain FantabulousCorrespondent IApril 22, 2009

22 Nov 2001 : Quarterback Ryan Leaf of the Dallas Cowboys rests on the sideline during the game against the Denver Broncos at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. The Broncos won 26-24. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On Saturday, with holes everywhere in their team, Detroit will be forced to hand an unproven rookie, who will make next to no impact in the next two years, $30 million in guaranteed money.


The draft system isn’t fair. It helps the best teams and hinders the worst. High picks have no value for poor teams anymore.


By definition, a high drafting team has many holes to fill. So forcing them to shell out record breaking money, on one player, who may not even make it, is inherently wrong.


The draft handicaps poor teams. It takes 10 percent of their resources away from building a solid team, and into the pocket of an unproven rookie.


And they do it with a gun to their head.


Success breeds success in the NFL. If you get into the play offs, you get much higher value picks. 


Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots have been playoff mainstays on the basis that most of their resources have been diverted to numerous solid, high value, low price picks.


They don't have to pay $70 million to sign a starting tackle.  


The current draft system is ridiculous. Pro Football is the only sport in the world where rookie players get more than veterans.


Look at Soccer, in the English Premier League. You only get paid if you’re a success. I don’t care how much potential you have for your age. You won’t get a penny until you’re a success in the league.


Young, super-talented, but unproven players are earning 7-8 percent of their veteran team mates salaries. 


Most earn as little as $200 a week, until they have made an impression in the first team.


Rookie players should get rookie salaries. To reflect their age and experience.  Aaron Curry should start on a salary at maybe 10 percent of Ray Lewis’.


This sort of rookie structure breeds hunger, success and a better standard of play.


If rookies know they have to be a success in the league, to afford the Bentleys, Hot Tubs and hotter women, I assure you, there will be far less busts in the league.


The NFL seems to put high drafts busts down to bad scouting. Overlooking the fact that all of them have been made multi-millionaires, before even reporting for mini-camp.


Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Adam Jones, Mike Williams all had obvious character flaws.


Let’s set them up for life, and give them more money than they can spend. That will help them adjust to being a professional athlete...


Bold statement, but I almost guarantee that at least one of the above would have been a real success in the league, if they had to earn their dinner from the start.


The NFL draft is not fair on teams or players. And needs to change.


Weak teams should get the first pick of the litter, of course. But at the same time, it shouldn’t financially cripple them for the next five years if it doesn’t work out.


Poor teams have to make much riskier picks. And it's why they remain poor for so long.