Dodgers Owner Bought a Zoo Because Owning Mere MLB Franchise Just Not Satisfying

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Some people go out and buy fancy cars while others throw money into a vacation home. Dodgers owner Mark Walter bought a zoo. 

The Florida Times-Union reports the CEO of Guggenheim Capital and his wife Kimbra Walter purchased the White Oak Plantation and conservation center.

That would make two substantial purchases for him in the last year. As the report reminds, Walter is the controlling partner of the Guggenheim group—one that features Lakers legend Magic Johnson—that purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers last May for $2.15 billion. 

Jealousy really shouldn't come from the fact that he actually owns a zoo or that he also partially owns the Dodgers. It's that Walter was able to turn to his wife and utter these remarkable words, "We bought a zoo."

I really like to think the impetus behind such a purchase was far more about reliving the whimsy that was that Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson romp

Per a press release, Walters is said to have paid $16.1 million for the preserve, which shouldn't be too bad of a sting because an L.A. Times report once put Walters' worth at $1.3 billion. 

The Florida Times-Union has some words from Walter who plans to maintain the 7,400-acre property as a wildlife preserve. 

We are honored to be the new stewards of White Oak and its unique and valuable conservation programs, which Howard Gilman initiated and his staff so ably managed.

Our primary mission is to build upon the work already under way at White Oak to create an international model for the humane and effective breeding and repopulation of endangered species.

We also envision White Oak as a gathering point to inspire ideas and collaborations among individuals and organizations interested not only in conservation but issues such as environmental sustainability, land stewardship, arts and education.

The report goes on to state this is hardly shocking news. Both Walter and wife Kimbra support conservation centers in New Mexico and Texas. They also note Kimbra serves on the "women’s board at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo."

With the Dodgers and a national preserve on the list of recent acquisitions, there is no telling where Walter goes from here. 

If you have an island or small country up for sale, I am sure he will entertain your offers. 

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