Mario Manningham: Best Receiver in NFL Draft

Drake EckCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

Is Mario Manningham the best Wide Reciver in the NFL Draft?

I think so.

Sure, Limas Sweed is great, but Mannigham, despite his slow 40 time, looks good as well. 

Take a look at these videos:  

In all of those videos he seems to just beat every person he lines up against. It doesn't matter how fast you run on a field without pads. It matters how fast you run on the field with pads on, real routes, up against real people, and with the desire to score a touchdown.

In only 2 3/4 seasons played (considering he is leaving as a junior and missed a couple games) he had 137 receptions, 2310 yards, and 27 touchdown catches.

Limas Sweed, who played 4 whole years, had 124 receptions, (13 less than Manningham) 1915 yards, (395 less than Manningham) and 20 touchdown catches (7 less than Manningham).

There is my point. All those videos, those stats for as long as he played, the comparison to Limas Sweed. My reasons why Manningham is the best WR in the NFL Draft.