Pirates Unveil Bacon-Cheddar Burger with Glazed Donuts Because They Love You

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 5, 2013

Photo Credit: MLB Cut 4 Twitter
Photo Credit: MLB Cut 4 Twitter

The Pittsburgh Pirates are coming hard with the concession game this season, unveiling a bacon cheeseburger topped with a glazed donut. 

I will go ahead and give you a moment to wipe the drool from your mouth. 

MLB's Cut 4 did its best to give a baseball-loving nation the munchies with this tweet featuring the newest food stuff you can get at PNC Park this season. 

Before discussing the marvelous century we live in as far as concession snacks are concerned, let's break this bad boy down with the care and dignity it deserves. 

First off, great job including sprinkles on the glazed donuts. Lesser parks may have thought that sprinkles might be overkill. Instead, the Pirates organization turned the dial up to 11 and made every other ballpark burger wet its figurative pants in terror. 

I have to make some assumptions without a full description being presented, but it looks like the donuts are toasted from what we see at the bottom of this burger. I have one thing to say: "I see you working."

Also, is that an egg poking its dear little head out from the top donut? I mean, there is no way we were good enough this offseason to deserve cheddar, bacon, beef, donuts and the gentle creaminess of a fried egg placed on top. 

I choose to believe there is, which makes this the greatest thing mankind has ever produced. 

It's a magical time, baseball friends. Pittsburgh isn't the only MLB franchise stepping up its game. Darren Rovell gives a couple of tweets that prove the Detroit Tigers are trying their hands at improving concession fare as well. 

First, there is this deep-fried sausage you can get at Comerica. You had me at deep fried, Tigers. 

And then there are these potato chip nachos, affectionately known as "Potachos." 

Of course, we have to talk about the greatest new item in baseball, the bacon-shell taco over at West Michigan Whitecaps games

Yes, that is called the "Baco," and it demands your respect. 

Baseball is back, which means games will be played, pitches will be hit and beer will be served. Still, the most underrated aspect of this beautiful pastime is the food. 

And the Pirates are looking forward, not backward, to a beautiful day when all of our meals will feature a glazed donut. That's the hope anyway. 


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