B/R Fantasy Baseball: Goon Squad Week Two Recap

Sergey ZikovSenior Analyst IApril 19, 2009

Week Two: Leftfield Lunatics 9, End of the Bench 1

Press Conference with Loons GM Sergey Zikov and Manager Lloyd McClendon

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.


Question: Two straight dominating performances out of your squad, how are you feeling today?

Lloyd McClendon: I'm feeling peachy. I don't know about the boys, they're over yonder at the training facility working on their &%$@ damn base running.

Sergey Zikov: We'll take the win this week, but we know we have to improve if we're going to get out of last place. We're very disappointed in the performance of a few guys and they know who they are.


Question: Who do you expect more out of in week three?

Lloyd McClendon: Everybody, dumb question.

Sergey Zikov: Well we have a number of guys on our roster who need to score runs, and they didn't come through this week. Our staff aces need to also do a better job and stay on the mound longer than they have.


Question: Was it a matter of just coming back down to Earth after a tremendous first week? All the numbers seemed down.

Lloyd McClendon: A win's a win, son.

Sergey Zikov: Well now that we're getting into the groove of the season, I think you should expect more of these results. We're going to need to improve on all fronts.


Question: Hi, Andy Martino of the Philadelphia Inquirer...

Lloyd McClendon: Next question.


Question: There were several questions about pitcher Mariano Rivera coming into this week. What's the latest there?

Lloyd McClendon: Don't ask me, Jimmy. I just send the man out to pitch.

Sergey Zikov: We knew we needed more out of Mariano, and he wasn't getting anything done. So we really had two options, being to send him down to the minor league club in Iceland or try and work out a deal to trade him. He just didn't look big league ready.


Question: More trades? Did anything get worked out?

Sergey Zikov: We have a deal in the woodworking, yes. It would send Mariano to the Pothead Penguins in exchange for utility infielder Chone Figgins. There was also some inquiry about Emilio Bonifacio and the possibility of a catcher swap with the Pens.


Question: What was the logic behind that move?

Sergey Zikov: We didn't feel confident in winning the save category with Mariano, so we decided to scrap it and find a useful player in return. Chone will be a valuable asset to our squad.


Question: Lloyd, how do you plan on using Chone in the field? He has a lot of versatility.

Lloyd McClendon: He's got pretty good speed, ya know. We could use all the stolen bases we could get, so maybe in a pinch-running situation. That fish we have at second right now needs to kick his game in the behind.


Question: We've already started to see good things from the three new players this week. How have they looked in your opinion?

Lloyd McClendon: Conor [Jackson] hit a great pinch-hit homer which was beautiful, he also drove in a few. Nicky [Markakis] was exactly what we wanted, but no we won't let him pitch on my watch. Josh [Beckett] had a great outing the other day but he will be suspended for five days for changing lanes in the Liberty Tunnel.


Question: You face MetAL MuLiSHa next. What's the strategy?

Lloyd McClendon: Shh...I'm going to steal home on Wednesday. I'm overdue for a ridiculous tirade.

Sergey Zikov: They are a great team who has just been a little unlucky so far this season to not have a win. We fully expect them to come out and give us everything they have. They have great managers and great players so it will be a very tough road game.



Team Notes

  • Shortstop Josh Bartlett came off the bench to steal two bases on Grocery Bag Day.
  • Outfielder Jay Bruce (hand) is expected to return to the field on Monday.
  • Outfielder Vernon Wells continues his excellent early play behind the Blue Jays' successes.
  • Newly acquired Outfielder Nick Markakis kicked off his Goon Squad career in style, launching a Grand Slam and five RBI on Flamethrowers' Fireblast Fireworks Night on Friday.
  • The Goon Squad (17-3-0) will travel to face MetAL MuLiSHa (7-11-2) in Week Three.  

Team Totals

Week 2: 39 Runs, 12 HR, 42 RBI, 8 SB, .262 AVG, 12 Wins, 2 Saves, 95 K, 4.05 ERA, 1.36 WHIP

Season: 88 Runs, 34 HR, 102 RBI, 15 SB, .290 AVG, 20 Wins, 3 Saves, 205 K