Manny Ramirez Plays First Game in Taiwan, Taiwanese Fans Lose Their Minds

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 27, 2013

Manny is still being Manny, only he is doing it in Taiwan at the moment and the fans are losing their minds. 

Busted Coverage has a tremendous breakdown of the first game Manny Ramirez played for the EDA Rhinos of the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan. So, for the day, we can play the lesser-known, albeit far more popular game, "Where in the World is Manny Ramirez?"

BC prefers to call the night a circus, which makes sense, because I wouldn't have been surprised if a clown car featured at any point in the videos. 

First up, there is this sign being held by a happy fan ready to express her undying affection for the zaniest old guy in all of sports. 

Yes, we know. That is not Manny Ramirez. 

Thanks to a tweet from Mike VonDielingen, the ManRam impostor has been identified as Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto. 

Already we have some hiccups, which is exactly how Ramirez games tend to go. 

Thanks to Busted Coverage, we now have video evidence that Ramirez is still taking hacks and getting hits—he's a few pounds heavier and a few steps slower, though. 

Not much can be ascertained from the videos, but as BC noted, "Manny had at least two hits; single in 2nd, single in 4th, K (looking) in 7th." Of course, he looks far more like a depressed Pablo Sandoval while doing it. 

Just look at the guy. It makes me sad because there is no spark in his eye, like he wouldn't even think to cut off a throw from the outfield now

Everyone loses a step as they get older. For Ramirez, maybe that just means he's just more sensible now, which should make you all depressed. 

That's fine, because there are some magical images from the CPBL below, including a sign that features dreads and a screen capture of ManRam letting you know this whole life thing is going to be alright. 

That last image is actually quite useful. Just print it out and carry it in your back pocket whenever life gets you down. That's when you take it out for an instant boost of confidence and joy.

Thanks, Manny!

You can see more images on the this Facebook page dedicated to the league

So we now have the perfect opportunity to look across the ocean and make fun of those silly fans who marvel at this class clown. 

Not so fast. 

Because now we know how people in Europe view the MLS. The moment David Beckham drags his old butt across the pond, we lose our damn minds. Be careful before you scoff and make fun, because it works both ways. 

I am just glad that, somewhere in the world, there is the possibility a baseball player will leave the field for a moment while game is in play

Taiwan, savor these moments. 

Correction: Wednesday, March 27, 1:55 p.m. ET

There was some initial confusion as to where the Chinese Professional Baseball League is based. The post from Busted Coverage states this is a Chinese Baseball League game and the fans are Chinese. 

However, the CPBL is a league of four teams operating out of Taiwan. Mentions through article have been changed. 

---End of Update---

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