Power Ranking the 30 MLB Uniforms for 2013

Mark MillerCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2013

Power Ranking the 30 MLB Uniforms for 2013

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    As I'm sure you're all aware, Opening Day of the 2013 MLB season is just a few days away.

    Putting on their uniforms for the first time in a few months, every team is starting fresh with championship hopes.

    Most MLB uniforms these players will be wearing have remained relatively unchanged, but there are still a small number of teams that opt to frequently change up the look and feel. 

    I tend to be drawn to teams that stick with what has worked for generations, but that doesn't mean some of the newer modifications to uniforms don't have their own positives.

    Here is how I would rank the current uniforms of all 30 MLB teams. 


    All team uniforms via sportslogos.net

30. Miami Marlins

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    When the Miami Marlins made the move to their new ballpark last season, they opted to change up the look and feel of their uniforms in a very, very colorful way.

    A uniform can certainly be too bland, but involving as many different colors as the Marlins do doesn't exactly help matters.

29. San Diego Padres

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    Speaking of too bland, the San Diego Padres have one of the most simplistic uniforms in all of baseball.

    Their monotone navy blue does look relatively sharp with the home whites, but their road greys leave much to be desired.

    I am, however, a big fan of the camouflage uniforms that they pull out from time to time.

28. Colorado Rockies

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    Doing too much with a uniform can be an issue when it comes to pleasing the discriminating eye, but in the case of the Colorado Rockies, they may not be doing enough.

    The spring training/batting practice caps that they're going with involve the mountains in a cool way, and it's probably something they should work on integrating into their regular-season attire.

27. Arizona Diamondbacks

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    First off, we should all be glad that the Arizona Diamondbacks no longer utilize the purple and green tones that they once did in their uniforms.

    There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the current burnt red on white in their home uniforms, either, but there also isn't much that grabs the eye.

26. Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Since every team associated with professional sports in Pittsburgh utilizes the black and yellow colors that have become a trademark of the Steel City, it's hard to picture the Pirates ever straying from the uniforms that they've held onto for so long.

    Furthermore, we should all be thankful that they don't wear the hideous hats of a few decades ago.

25. Milwaukee Brewers

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    It's almost unfair to rank the Milwaukee Brewers as low as I did in terms of their current uniforms since there really isn't anything wrong with them at all, and they do fit the image the franchise is going for.

    On the other hand, I wish a grassroots effort would gain some steam to get their uniforms of the '80s back in play.

24. Cleveland Indians

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    The Cleveland Indians will probably always be on the bad side of baseball fans that find their logo offensive. Although, for the most part, it's worked in their uniforms and may never be changed.

    They do seem to implement alternate uniforms on a regular basis and if that trend continues, it wouldn't be entirely surprising to see a change made.

23. Seattle Mariners

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    Much like the Milwaukee Brewers, the Seattle Mariners have a fine uniform that has been used for quite some time now.

    In my opinion, though, I'd rather see them using the blue and yellow uniforms that we saw Ken Griffey Jr. wearing during the first years of his career.

22. Washington Nationals

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    The Washington Nationals have been tweaking their uniforms on a fairly regular basis ever since they made the move from Montreal, but it finally seems like they're settling on a look that works for them.

    With the large "W" on the front of their uniforms, they're one of a relatively small number of teams that don't actually have their team name on the front of their home whites.

21. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    Maybe I'm just never satisfied, but the Los Angeles Angels are another team that I'd like to see going back to their old uniforms.

    The Angels are seeing plenty of face time with the influx of superstars in their lineup, and with no changes in sight any time soon, we might as well get used to seeing these uniforms the way they are.

20. New York Mets

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    The New York Mets haven't done much to change their logo and uniforms over the years, and while that's typically a good thing, I'm just not really a fan of orange.

    I do own a couple Mets hats and like the royal blue, but their alternate black uniforms leave much to be desired.

19. Tampa Bay Rays

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    The Tampa Bay Rays made a very smart decision early on in their franchise's history when they dropped the "Devil" from their namesake and switched away from the array of colors that made their uniforms somewhat hard to look at.

    If only they could switch away from Tropicana Field as easy...

18. Texas Rangers

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    The Texas Rangers uniforms are actually pretty clean, with the state flag donning the shoulder of their jerseys and crisp red, white and blue coloring.

    Another notable aspect of their home jerseys is the fact that they're another team that doesn't place the team name on the front—something you don't see all that often.

17. Chicago White Sox

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    The uniforms worn by the Chicago White Sox have been in place for long enough that we may never see them make any drastic changes from the black and white look that represents the franchise.

    And even though they may be one of the worst uniforms to ever grace a professional franchise, it would be interesting to see the White Sox give the shorts a try again.

16. Chicago Cubs

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    There isn't a lot that the Chicago Cubs will likely do to change up their uniforms any time soon, as they're an organization prided on their history, best expressed by their ballpark that's approaching the century mark.

15. Houston Astros

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    With a move to the American League coming this season, the Houston Astros took a step in the right direction in moving away from the relatively bland uniforms that they had used in recent years.

    They didn't go all the way back to the rainbow uniforms that we saw in the '80s, but they still modified their look enough to give some shades of yesteryear.

14. Minnesota Twins

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    The Minnesota Twins have made some subtle changes to their uniforms over the past couple of decades, with the "TC" cap that they use most frequently representing an improvement over the "M" that they used to wear most often.

    Perhaps their best uniform, however, is the cream-colored home jerseys they wore in the '60s and once again in 2011 in tribute to Harmon Killebrew.

13. Cincinnati Reds

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    We've seen some less-than-appealing alternate jerseys come out of Cincinnati over the years, but Reds' home jerseys, which are a staple of the franchise, are still among the best in baseball.

    I do wish they'd use their batting practice caps in the regular season as opposed to just for spring training and batting practice.

12. Oakland Athletics

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    As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I'm conditioned to hate anything that's green and gold, but the Oakland Athletics uniforms are actually one of my favorites in all of baseball.

    They've stayed true to their look over the years and as long as they don't make any drastic changes, I think they'll continue to be among the best out there.

11. Kansas City Royals

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    The case of the Kansas City Royals is one where simplicity can pay off.

    Their royal blue "KC" cap is one of the most simple in all of MLB, but in my opinion, it's one of the best in the league.

    They do utilize the powder blue a little more than they probably should at times, but their home whites are hard to argue with.

10. Philadelphia Phillies

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    The color scheme that the Philadelphia Phillies have been utilizing may be a little bit different than their original look, but it still works in a great way.

    I would, however, love to see them go back to the maroon and white look for a longer period of time (maybe as a more frequent alternate?), but I can definitely live with this.

9. Toronto Blue Jays

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    Any time a team's uniform emphasizes it's namesake, they're doing something right.

    The Blue Jays keep to the norm with the "Blue Jays" on the front of their home uniform, but the Blue Jay logo is among the best in baseball, so it's nice to see it utilized on both the uniform and hat.

8. San Francisco Giants

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    I've always been a big fan of the San Francisco Giants, so I may be a bit biased in putting their uniforms as high as they are.

    Nevertheless, they've stuck with their look for so long that it's hard to think of the Giants resembling anything different.

7. Detroit Tigers

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    With my Minnesota Twins constantly looking up at Detroit in the AL Central standings, there may not be anything positive I have to say about the Tigers.

    I do, however, think they have one of the best uniforms (namely caps) in all of baseball. They've got a simple enough look that doesn't have much going on, but their logo is one of the most recognizable in all of professional sports.

6. Boston Red Sox

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    Much like other uniforms throughout MLB and other professional sports, the Boston Red Sox's look is one that hasn't undergone many changes over the years and is about as recognizable as any other.

    When you have a logo that carries with it as much tradition as the Boston Red Sox, there's no reason to change a thing—and for the most part, I doubt that they ever will.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers

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    For as long as the Dodgers have been a franchise, they have had one of the most appealing uniforms in MLB.

    Sticking with the simple script in the logo and basing the uniforms in blue and white gives them a clean look, while adding the red numbers lets them stick out just enough.

4. Baltimore Orioles

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    As I've stated before, I'm a big fan of teams doing their best to utilize their actual namesake in their uniforms.

    The Baltimore Orioles do a great job of that with the bird that is front and center on their cap, and while I may not be a huge fan of the orange and blue of the New York Mets, orange and black works just fine.

3. Atlanta Braves

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    When you talk about the logo, uniforms and namesake of the Atlanta Braves, you're entering treacherous territory, as the association with derogatory Native American references continues to create debate.

    Just last winter, the team ended up backing off using their desired spring training caps after pressure from the public.

    Nevertheless, their uniforms are among the best in baseball and as long as they stay away from the caricature-like images of Native Americans, they'll remain among the league's finest.

2. St. Louis Cardinals

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    A recurring theme you'll see toward the top of this list is that all the organizations included have a history that sets them apart from the rest.

    The St. Louis Cardinals have seen some of the best players in baseball history don their uniforms, and in my opinion, they have one of the most classic uniforms in professional sports, so there's no reason to think they'd ever make a drastic change. 

1. New York Yankees

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    Detractors from the evil empire will more than likely be upset with the decision to put the New York Yankees' uniforms at the top of this list, but in many respects, it's hard not to.

    The Yankees' cap is probably the most recognizable in the world, and it wouldn't even be out of the question to see people who can't stand the team wearing the lid.

    As for the uniform itself, the pinstripes are a fixed part of Yankees culture and they represent a namesake that has been home to many of the best players to ever set foot on the diamond.