Mets' Shaun Marcum Uses a Special Angry Skull Bowling Ball for Spares

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Jay Horwitz twitter
Photo Credit: Jay Horwitz twitter

Shaun Marcum doesn't bowl with just any bowling ball. He tosses one that serves to terrify and destroy any pins standing in its way.

The New York Mets starting pitcher is apparently something of an avid bowler. For those hitting the alleys with their own ball, he will do you one better. 

Here is his special menacing version, via PR rep Jay Horwitz's Twitter account (h/t Hot Clicks). 

The 31-year-old received a cortisone injection for a shoulder impingement on Tuesday, so he will stay away from the mound for a few days, and will undoubtedly stay clear of the lanes as well. 

That's a shame, because when you have a bowling ball with this much swagger, you have to toss it as often as possible. 

While there is no video of Marcum using the ball, I will assume that it looks something like this: 

Interestingly, the ball is an out pitch of sorts. As the tweet issues, Marcum says he only uses the ball to gather spares. 

Now if it looks at all familiar, I noticed one comment on MLB's Cut 4 report state that this was like the bowling ball from Mystery Men

Indeed, we may have found the inspiration behind this marvel of modern bowling. 

This of course begs the question of what his other bowling paraphernalia looks like. A man who has two different balls to dominate the game has to have some rather audacious shoes and bowling gear.

The Mets will enjoy having the former Brewers pitcher around this season, especially for any bowling nights they might throw. 

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