NFLPA Will Reportedly Review Elvis Dumervil Contract Blunder

Ethan GrantAnalyst IMarch 16, 2013

The saga of Elvis Dumervil's late contract fax is not over yet.

According to a report released by the The Denver Post (via ESPN) on Saturday night, the NFL Players Association and executive director DeMaurice Smith will look into the events that led to the 29-year-old defensive end being released by the Denver Broncos on Friday after a time error threw a wrench into plans to restructure his contract.

Although the league denied Denver's request to honor the verbal agreement that happened roughly 35 minutes prior to the 4 p.m. ET deadline for guaranteed salary, Smith and the NFLPA could choose to pursue legal action after a formal review.

Dumervil and the Broncos reportedly had a deal in place to reduce his 2013 base salary from $12 million to $8 million, a move that John Elway and team management felt kept other cap space options in place and allowed them to have more flexibility during the offseason.

However, after it was reported that the two sides had agreed to reduce Dumervil's salary, disaster struck.

Agent Marty Magid reportedly didn't get the signed contract back to the team until 4:06 p.m. ET, a clear six minutes past the deadline.

Without the contract signature before the deadline, the Broncos were forced to release Dumervil on Friday afternoon. Magid was fired soon after (h/t Mike Garafolo, USA Today).

Despite the contract gaffe, Dumervil still has interest in returning to the Broncos next season (via Garafolo).

Now a free agent, the steps to get back to the Broncos are trickier than they are to join a new team in the coming days. Denver took a $5 million cap hit by releasing Dumervil on Friday, and if you add that to what his salary would have been, it equals $13 million—more than what he was due to originally make next season.

Dumervil reportedly hired Tom Condon (via Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports) on Saturday to be his new agent—a move that was allowed because Magid waived his right to a five-day "dead" period where Dumervil could have remained agent-less.

Smith and the NFLPA legal team will now dive into this particularly strange case. After they are done investigating Magid and the events of March 16, we'll likely have some insight into who is to blame, what this could mean for contract negotiations in the future and what the next legal step for Dumervil might be.