Top 10 New York Fan Favorites

Mike KentSenior Writer IApril 16, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 03:  David Wright of the New York Mets and Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees attend Delta's Jeter/Wright batting challenge at the Stone Rose Lounge on April 3, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

New York is a state with a lot of teams and lots of players. That means a lot of talent and good players.

But only few of these players get the title "Fan Favorite" . And it means so much more when it is in New York, where you know that if you are a fan favorite then you are safe from the New York fans boos (most times).

I hope you enjoy this list, pleas let me know what you think and who is your favorite player.


10. Johan Santana

Team: Mets

Santana is considered by most people the best pitcher in baseball, or at least the NL.

The way he trows the ball and gets the outs is amazing.

He has been amazing with the Mets, before his last loss (the one where he did not give up an earned run and had 13K's) he had not lost in 16 straight starts for the Mets.

And he really helped the Mets in the end of last season when they did not have many good arms in the bullpen. He went deep in two games and threw less pitches. He even threw on three days rest a day before the end of the season.

And that is why he is on the list.

9. David Lee

Team: Knicks

This guy is a good young player, he helps them win games (even though they dont win many of them) and he helped the team be in the race for the playoffs for half a season

I personally dont understand why everybody is so crazy about him, but they are. He is only 25 years old, i can see him being on the team for a very long time.

8. Jose Reyes

Team: Mets

This guy is one of the better players on the Mets and i think he is the best shortstop in New York.

Jose Reyes is one of the Mets' up and coming stars. He has done a great job in his six seasons in New York.

Reyes has broken lots of records away from former Mets, including all the records for stolen bases and triples.

In 2007, he broke the single season stolen base record with 78, and then in 2008 he broke the all time Mets record for stolen bases.

He led the NL in stolen bases and triples in three seasons of his young career.

7.Henrik Lundqvist

Team: Rangers

He reminds me of Martin Brodeur just younger.

I do not know much about the NHL, I just know that all Ranger fans love this guy, him and Scot Gomez are the top Rangers.

As I said I do not know much about the NHL, but I know the the Rangers are the big thing in New York. So I hope Ranger fans agree with this

6. Antonio Pierce

Team: Giants

There is a lot to say about this guy, but I am going to put this in two words—Smart Defense.

This guy is like a QB on the wrong side, he has been the main reason the Giants have the top defense in the NFL.

And the fans know it, that is why he is one of the most loved guys in New York

5. Thomas Jones

Team: Jets

The Jets are lucky to have this guy, most of the other players on there team stink (no offense to Jets fans).

This guy is amazing, ever since coming to New York in 2007 he has been the biggest thing happening to the Jets other then Brett Favre, and he let them down.

Jones has been great for the Jets, his best season was 2008 when he scored 15 total Touchdowns. I think that is the reason he is a fan favorite

4. Nate Robinson

Team: Knicks

By looking at this young star, you understand how amazing he is. He may be short (5'9") but that does not mean he can't dunk. He's won two Slam Dunk competitions in his career.

He's made 1,204 FGs and 351 three-point FGs in four seasons. Very good job for the young star.

And I think the New York fans love him for it, it's not every 24 year old that gets to be a fan favorite

3. David Wright

Team: Mets

The Mets third baseman is one of the better players in the MLB, he has got lots of people saying he will win the MVP this year, and for good reason.

After only five seasons with the Mets David Wright is already considered the Mets captain.

Other then his first season with the Mets he has hit over .300 every year and has never had a season with fewer than 25 home runs.

And that is why he is in the top three of this list.

2. Eli Manning

Team: Giants

Eli Manning has it all going for him. He is young, he is on a good team, Super Bowl winner. Yeah, what all young QBs want.

Eli is a great player, he is one of the elite QBs in the NFL. The Giants fans gave him a hard time before the 2008 season. But he has proven to  New York and to the World that he is a great player.

Just ask his Super Bowl MVP trophy. The New York Giants fans love him.

1. Derek Jeter

Team: Yankees

I do not think that Jeter is the best player on this list, or even the best shortstop on this list. But he is the captain of the New York Yankees, the best franchise in all of sports.

The Yankees are the team with the most fans out of all the other New York teams. I think winning 26 World Series really helps that.

In his time in New York he has been part of four World Series and even won a World Series MVP in 2000 when they beat the New York Mets. That helps getting Yankees fans to love you.

He really deserves this No. 1 spot on the list

Close Up

Did you like the list? I hope you did.

Looking at the list now I think I did a good job.

I know a lot of people will not be happy that there are three Mets, but those people need to tell me who they would want on there instead.

I am sorry Islander fans, there are two reason you have nobody on the list.

1. The NHL is not as big as the MLB and NFL.

2. There are not many of you guys anyway, there are many more Mets fans then you guys.

The Yankees only got one player on the list for three reasons.

1. CC and Mark have not proving themselves in New York yet

2. There are not many players that have done well for them last season

3. Alex is a steroid man now

I really debated whether to put Scot Gomez on the list or not and it was really close for me so I just picked the Met.

Derek was a easy pick for me as No. 1, as I wrote there. He deserves it for all he has done for the Yankees.


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