Tuesday Ramblings

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Tuesday Ramblings
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  • So Isiah Thomas has gotten a job as a college coach at FIU. Listen; there are a lot of reasons to hate on the guy. He effectively killed the CBA, and his Pacer team made a huge jump in the standings after he was fired. Plus, his Knicks teams sucked. These are all facts, and I get that. However, there should be some defense of him. On that Pacer team (and even to some extent on that Knicks team), every single player talked about how they loved him as a coach, which should bode well for him over at FIU. Second, it's time people calmed down about his tenure as  Knicks’ GM. His public spats were with Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury, and no one can claim those two are easy people to get along with. Plus, New York is a place that demands a winner, so Thomas must have always felt like he had to swing for the fences with every trade that he made, which if you look at his trades does in fact explain most of them. Also, he’s a good scout, which is another thing that will help him in his current job. So before you keep on hating on the man, just know there are some reasons why he could very well put FIU on the map. And if he doesn’t? Well, at least Bill Simmons will have some more jokes to write in his column. In that sense, its win-win for us either way!
  • I have an idea for the New York Yankees, move Teixeira to third and play Nick Swisher at first! Radical? I’m not sure. Tex has played third before; he can probably do it again. Swisher is simply batting well and you’d rather have him in the lineup then Cody Ransom any day. Now, the counter to that is that Teixeira is a superstar and thus unwilling to move to third, but I would argue that New York is a completely different ballpark. Him moving to New York would be written about constantly as Yankee fans wrote stories of how great they think he is for agreeing to move. Tell him about all the endorsement money and fans that he would make for agreeing to move, and I guarantee you that he moves to third faster than you can say Alex Rodriguez.
  • Josh Beckett deserved that six game suspension. What was he thinking? I’ve never understood why baseball has this godfather-like clause of revenge. Someone hits one of your batters, possibly on accident, then you aim at one of their’s on purpose? It's not even a revenge thing all the time either. At this point, it is just the answer to any baseball problem. Guy runs too slowly after a homerun? Bean him with a baseball! Guy gives me a look after I gave up a base hit to him? Bean him with a baseball! Guy is my rival from high school back when we were in Venezuela and high school didn’t exist for us which makes this even more ridiculous than it had to be? Bean him with a baseball, drink a beer, and feel 10 times better than when that guy didn’t have a baseball-sized bruise on his shoulder. It might be time to try something else. I’m just saying.
  • The Lakers had nine players with at least three assists last night when they played the Utah Jazz. I’ve been so down on them lately, as they have been so up and down towards the end of the year, and Kobe has seemed tired down the stretch. Now, one game doesn’t change that, but when you see games like that, you can’t help but fall in love with this team all over again. On the other hand they allowed 112 points to the Utah Jazz at home…I still cannot figure this team out. Good luck, Phil Jackson.
  • I hate that people are angry at the Cavs for having fun on the bench. Who cares? If the Celtics are so mad…why did they pull the exact same type of antics at the beginning of the year? Sorry Ray Allen; that is just karma biting you in the ass. Antics are just a part of sports. They always have been and they always will be. I would rather that they stay than become like the home run celebration and slowly fade away. When I hit a game winner at some park somewhere, I’m going to strut or do something stupid to highlight my minor achievement. Seeing a player who has arrived at the highest stage of basketball do the same thing or have his teammates do the stupid stuff for him on the bench, kind of helps me relate to the players I am seeing on the screen. So, basically the moral of all of this is that what they are doing is stupid, but that because I am just as stupid, it is just a-ok with me. This is why I don’t teach kids ever…
  • So, the NFL schedule is out. That’s great; it gives me something to obsess over and figure out…until the NFL draft comes along and changes everything anyway. Wonderful, then when I finally convince myself how the Niners or Raiders are going to make the playoffs, some player will get badly hurt early in preseason or during offseason workouts, and by then I might as well just wait for the regular season to start or buy the new copy of Madden. I’m not sure what my point is, but in any case, if you want to see your team’s schedule, you now can.
  • Speaking of the Niners and the Raiders. I’m not sure which one I like more. I used to be a Niners only fan, but then they cut Jerry Rice who I consider the greatest football player ever. So despite the fact that most of my friends are Niner fans, I switched to Oakland for my allegiance. At first it worked out too, because I hated Jeff Garcia, and I’m pretty sure he is the most overrated quarterback of all time. Anyway, I never stopped being a Niner fan; I just started liking the Raiders more and justified it in my head by saying I simply had an AFC and NFC team to root for and for the time being, would root for the Raiders over the Niners. Simple enough? It was until the Raiders signed Jeff Garcia. Remember, I hate that guy. I hate him so much I wonder if he is a top three reason why I root for T.O. to this day. This is what I have decided; if he doesn’t start, I will root for the Raiders over the Niners. If he does, I completely jump ship and root for the Niners over the Raiders and hope Jeff Garcia decides to retire soon enough. Still, I am open for suggestion, so please if there are any comments or advice you guys want to leave for this, please give it. 

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