Sharing My CFB Notes From 2008: 2009 NFL Draft Preview Wide Receivers

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IApril 15, 2009

I continue on with my NFL Draft previews which aren't based on 40 times, jumping, leaping, picking up cones (nor eating ice cream cones for that matter). It's all about playing football.

I haven't seen any combine film or results not have I watched "Pro Days". Instead, I just watched a lot of football games and took a lot of notes, what I do anyway. Instead of just trashing the notes, I saved them for this NFL Draft previews of all of the players we watched this past season.

In my first two entries in this series I covered the Quarterbacks and the Running Backs, in this one I tackle the Wide Receivers.

Like my other entries so far, they won't win you a mock draft contest and they won't match what the "experts" and "gurus" say, they are just notes about football players.

Wide Receivers (A-F)


Ramses Barden, Cal Poly, 6'6", 227

So who would have thought in the two times, we watched Cal Poly this past season, we would see players that were noteworthy?

We saw a few recievers and then Ramses Barden.

While we watched some of the early season win over San Diego State, we saw a lot more of the same size, speed, and big play ability, when the Mustangs fell a point short of knocking off the Badgers.

I think the NFL teams learned a lot about tall fast talented players from small schools when Marques Colston burst onto the NFL. My guess is we don't see too many teams letting Barden get past them after the first round.


Shawn Bayes, Kent State, 5'10", 177

We heard a lot of hype regarding the speed of Shawn Bayes.  However, as much as we saw of Kent State this season, we didn't see much of any kind of excitement.

Kent State seemed to struggle on offense all season long and you would think if Bayes was all he was cut out to be they would have been able to stretch a defense?

This is something we didn't see.

Bayes is just one of those guys who is really fast and plays football, not an NFL caliber football player.


Kenny Britt, Rutgers, 6'3", 218

Every very successful football team has a Wide Receiver like Kenny Britt.

Britt is a possession guy with decent speed, who isn't afraid to take the hit.  Rutgers was forced to go to a "take what the defense gives" approach to offense, and Britt took plenty of hits going over the middle.

Britt was limited by his QB's Mike Teel's disappointing ability but he played the best he could and was a big reason Rutgers ended the season with the seven game win streak.

If I'm a player, fan, or coach, I want Britt on my team.

Deon Butler, Penn State, 5'11", 182

We talked a lot about Penn State this past year on Bleacher Report and every time we talked about Deon Butler most people acted like he was a non-entity.

While I didn't consider Butler one of the top ten receivers like Penn State fans want you to believe, I did think he was better than the walk on tag he was never able to shed.

Butler put up big numbers and played like a winner for a winner. I always prefer football players over guys who show well or who are media darlings. Butler is a football player and NFL coaches will feel the same way.

Demetrius Byrd, LSU, 6'0", 199

Demetrius Byrd was one of those players who came in with a lot of hype and believed every bit of it.

Fast and talented, Byrd is, but he is also a headache in the attitude department and could be issues for any NFL team that drafts him to fill a role on a team. Byrd is talented but so are a lot of guys, I'm not sure it's worth the trade off since he isn't a 4.2 40 yard dash type.


Greg Carr, Florida State, 6'6", 212

When we saw Greg Carr line up against DB's, it always looked like a total mismatch in Carr's favor but what we never saw was it play out that way.

I'm not sure why Carr was never used for more than a jump ball, here and there, but I have to believe that Booby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher know enough about coaching and college football to have their reasons.

My best guess is that is all they felt Carr is capable of playing in the next level, but I doubt that flies at the NFL level for Carr.


Jeremy Childs, Boise State, 6'0", 200

I was surprised to see Jeremy Childs name on the draft eligible receivers because I knew the Boise State wide out was just a junior and another year with the Broncos would serve him well.

While he may make a roster, he would have a lot better chance after another year in college.

Austin Collie, BYU, 6'1", 200

Austin Collie has the most important asset to have if you are a Wide Receiver...the guy can catch.

He gets up early every day to run patterns and catch balls with his QB. Sound familiar? This is the sort of thing that players like Peyton Manning love, guys willing to do the work to make the team better and to make themselves better.

In reality, who doesn't like this and what NFL team wouldn't make a small investment that could pay huge dividends. I like Collie and see him as a younger Brandon Stokley.


Quan Cosby, Texas, 5'9", 196

I'm not convinced Quan Cosby is all of the 5'9" he's been measured as but what I make sure is that Quan Cosby makes catches in the clutch and can read a defense.

With 16 seconds left to go and his team trailing in the Fiesta Bowl, Cosby beat the defender and knew enough about the defensive positioning that he made a mad dash for the endzone and the game winning TD.

I like guys who make plays and who know what they are doing on the field. Despite the height issues, I think there's a place for Cosby in the NFL.


Maurice Covington, Virginia, 6'4", 224

I'm sure Covington is going to get a look by an NFL team, I'm not so sure he gets drafted.

Covington has the prototypical WR build and height with decent speed.

He fits with just about any NFL team but he is going to have to make some plays and some catches in NFL camp to catch some eyes and to stick. If he does stick, he has all kinds of potential which he should be able to build on with some NFL style coaching.


Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech, 6'1", 215

Michael Crabtree is the best Wide Receiver in this draft.

He is a potential Pro Bowler and should make an immediate impact for whatever team gets him. Crabtree plays a lot bigger than his size and creates mismatches as he can't be covered in man coverage.

Crabtree was injured late last season and it hurt his late season performances, but it shouldn't affect him much in the draft or in his future. I am excited to see what Crabtree does at the next level.

If I'm a fantasy football owner and I can get him late enough, I'm all over Michael Crabtree.


Jarett Dillard, Rice, 5'10", 191

We were on Rice early and often last season and I said on almost a weekly basis that I was all over the Owls, like white on Rice. 

One of the reasons we liked the Owls so much was the Chase Clement-Jarett Dillard connection which lit up scoreboards.

I don't know where Dillard ranks on WR's coming out in this year's draft but it should be somewhere around the top 10 or so, based solely on what he did on the field. If Dillard is at a higher profile program, he's a top 15 overall pick.

Marcus Everett, UCLA, 6'0", 191

Marcus Everett defines the UCLA program, last year, loaded with potential but never realizing it.

Many said Everett was injured but they were never the major surgery required type injuries, it was always those minor nagging injuries. I don't think we saw enough of Everett to believe he's worth taking a chance on.

Brooks Foster, North Carolina, 6'1", 211

Brooks Foster may fly under the radar or teams are going to hope he stays under the radar as when most think UNC Wide Receivers, they think Hakeem Nix.

Foster is tough as nails and can catch too.

He runs well and can contribute. He does what NFL coaches and players like, he can block down field. While he could return kicks or punts, my guess is he's a gunner on special teams.


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