Terrell Sinkfield's 4.19 40-Yard Dash Time Mandates Suspension of Disbelief

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 4, 2013

Photo Credit: Fox Sports North
Photo Credit: Fox Sports North

A former Northern Iowa standout just dropped an unbelievable 40-yard dash time at the University of Minnesota's pro day. 

Fox Sports North reports wide receiver Terrell Sinkfield ran a 40-yard dash time of 4.19 seconds in his second attempt—faster than the NFL Scouting Combine record of 4.24 seconds set by Chris Johnson back in 2008. 

Yes, with a time like that, you have to check your cynicism at the door if you are going to enjoy any part of that news. Hey, we do the same exact thing anytime Michael Bay releases a new movie, so why not with this lone 40-yard dash time?

Sinkfield was asked to run the 40 multiple times, so I am not certain which attempt this might be, but here is a video originally posted to Twitter.

When you hear 4.19, you half expect smoke to trail off from the feet of this burner. Alas, there isn't much we can tell from this near cartoonish speed.

The former UNI Panther had 43 catches for 499 yards and four touchdowns in his senior season and was also a track star for Hopkins (Minn.) High School, where he once ran a 10.86-second 100-yard dash. 

As for his attempts on Monday, officials in the stadium no doubt thought something was amiss so they asked him to run again. Per FS North's Tyler Mason:

Because of his blazing speed on his second attempt, the 6-foot-1 Sinkfield was asked to run it one more time, something none of the other players did Monday. Despite a slight stumble, he still clocked in at 4.41 seconds.

Combined with his first attempt of 4.27 seconds, Sinkfield averaged a 4.33 despite his stumble in his third attempt. But it was his time of 4.19 that created plenty of buzz Monday at the Gophers' practice facility.

Sure, you might be amazed by his 40 time, but Sinkfield is hardly amused, because he fully believes he can do better. 

Here is his explanation of how he just dropped the remarkable time. 

Just some determination. That was the expectation, really. Aim big. I was trying to get that 4.1.

I knew it was good when I finished. I was pretty happy, so I came back. I thought I messed up when they said go again. I'm like, ‘Dang, why do I have to run again?

When you shave off .05 of a second off the combine record, people are going to naturally be skeptical and want to see it again. Funny how the insanely amazing have a way of piquing interest. 

So, you can debate his true speed and his potential in the NFL all you want. But if you truly want to enjoy the thought of a 4.19 40-yard dash, you are going to have to leave your skepticism at the door. 


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