Texans JJ Watt Will Not Go to Prom with You, so Stop Asking

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Texans JJ Watt Will Not Go to Prom with You, so Stop Asking
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

J.J. Watt is in demand. 

It seems being a popular football player means you get all kinds of requests, including invites to local proms and high school dances. 

Yahoo! Sports spotted quite the hilarious post of exasperation on the Texans star's Facebook page recently. 

Photo Credit: JJ Watt Facebook

It seems he absolutely loves each and every request, but he is only one man. 

If you are still having an issue understanding, consider this as your explanation. 

Photo Credit: Cosby Sweaters

That is the post, along with a sign of the enormous outpouring of fans ready to offer their Facebook likes and words of praise. 

Simply, Watt is a class act. 

I also fully believe he will make good on his promise to dance with you if you run into him at the stadium, because he recently played knight in shining armor to a wonderful six-year old fan. 

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Back in January, Yahoo! Sports reported on a little girl who was distraught because she would never be able to marry her superstar hero. 

Watt caught wind of a video of the fan crying and made sure to make her dream come true. He met with the six-year old and proposed to her on the spot. 

Sure he has a huge heart and the willingness to go to any length to make his fans happy, but alas, he is only one man. 

Granted, he is a very big and daunting figure, but he can't be everywhere and everything to everyone. 

We will forgive you, Watt. We think we owe you that much. 

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