Oh No and 5; It Gets Worse For The Tribe

Justin LadaCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

CLEVELAND - APRIL 10:  Fans find cover during a rain delay in the Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays game April 10, 2009 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

Just when things couldn't get any worse for the Indians, they did.

It's been Murphy's law so far for the Indians this season, everything that can go wrong has. They paid $10 million a season for Kerry Wood to close out ball games, and so far he has appeared in one game, and it wasn't a save situation.

In five games, the Indians have had one lead. One, just one lead, and it came because Scott Lewis was able to hold the Toronto Blue Jays down for three innings on opening day, until it got wetter and his elbow flared up.

To bad it didn't keep raining opening day, because Rafael Perez came in, allowed five runs, and Masa Kobayshi, who should be eating hot dogs, with the other Kobayshi, allowed even more.

The Indians lost 13-7 opening day, after the a three hour and 47 minute rain delay, the Indians gave up more runs, came back to tie it at 7-7, then allowed a six run in the eighth inning to lose.

Then came Saturday.

The Indians faced Roy Halladay, last year's Cy Young runner up. The only problem was last year's actual Cy Young winner, Cliff Lee was pitching. Not that it matters, because any pitcher the Indians have brought to the hill this season, has given up a run, this season.

Lee was terrible in the season opener in Texas, then came home to pitch and got his second loss of the year on Saturday, and only mad it through five innings. He allowed four runs and walked four batters. And that was a good start, in this season's Indian's standard.

The Indians then brought in Vinnie Chulk, fresh up from the Columbus Clippers, had two shut out innings, until the second time through the line up, where the Jays finally got to him. A few of those zero's would have won the Indians the game last night, but today, Halladay kept them down.

People will say it's only five games, but people say the same thing goes for Spring Training. Well the Indians pitching staff didn't get the memo. The Indians pitching staff through five games, have allowed 47 runs. For those of you scoring at home, that's nearly 10 runs a game.

Raise your hand if you can find a team who can win games while allowing over nine runs a game. Now, put them all down because your full of it.

Yes, it's early. But, pitching isn't like a slow starting offense, offense can at least settle in and focus. Pitching, it's either you have it, or you just don't. Well no pitcher so far has it. Outside of Lewis pitching in a rainy opener, and Chulk's 2.1 innings of one run ball, every Cleveland pitcher has been AWFUL.

Even Indians radio play-by-play man, the normally over energetic Tom Hamilton has sounded dejected. On the Indians post game Saturday, as they played the highlights, or rather low lights, the back round song was 'Loser' by 3 Doors Down.

Even the offense has had its issue.

I won't pick at them, because hitting has not been the problem, However, new third basemen Mark DeRosa, after a three run double in the ninth, is 2-21, and is hitting .091. And that's after the bases clearing double in Saturday's loss. Not good for a number two hitter in a line up.

What's not helping also, is Grady Sizemore has already struck out seven times, including two on Saturday. With Kelly Shoppach and Ryan Garko in the same lineup, back to back as well, creates a black hole of strike outs.

Meanwhile Jhonny Peralta is out of the four hole, where he was great last season. Ben Francisco and Asrubal Cabrera cant hit now either.

The only players showing any signs of life on offense, is Victor Martinez, Shin-Soo Choo, and Travis Hafner, who after a strong day Friday, didn't face the tough right hander in Halladay, which was a very questionable decision.

I wont say the world is coming to the end, and the season is not over, because baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. However, the pitching staff doesnt give much hope.

The team E.R.A is higher than the team's on base percentage, not a good sign. The Indians have had a bad start, then a little bad start from Lee, and bad starts from Fausto Carmona and Carl Pavano. Lewis was a little worse than ok, and Anthony Reyes goes Sunday.

If the pitching staff doesn't get dialed in fast, the Indians won't be seeing Wood come in to shut the door in the ninth for a while. The only really good thing that came Saturday, was that DeRosa finally got a real meaningful hit, and Chulk pitched very well, meaning the days of Kobayshi could be over soon.

If the pitching staff continues on this path, the Indians new "three innings & lunch" promo that included a buffet for the first three innings of the game is going to turn into, three innings and you will lose your lunch.