Huge Red Flags That Emerged from the 2013 NFL Combine

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2013

Huge Red Flags That Emerged from the 2013 NFL Combine

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    Some players used the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine to make a bunch of money by improving their draft stock.

    Unfortunately, this slideshow isn't about those happy campers. It's about the guys who might have cost themselves some serious future compensation.

    It's important to note that not all red flags are created equal. Some are injury concerns that will likely be resolved; others are dumb decisions that can be explained away.

    However, some are a physical deficiency. For those players, the sting of the combine could very well linger until draft night.

    It's also smart to remember that a red flag doesn't mean certain doom. There's plenty of time in the next two months to paint a different picture.

    But that doesn't mean it will be easy.

    All combine statistics were taken from, unless linked otherwise. 

Manti Te'o Dies Hard

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    At first, I was going to compare Manti Te'o to Sisyphus, but I knew the reference needed to be much more timely in order to be hip.

    So, as Hollywood did this year, I reached into the '90s and brought John McClane back to life.

    Like the Die Hard protagonist, Te'o keeps finding himself in situations where he has to defend himself.

    First, it was universally agreed that he handled the girlfriend-hoax situation beautifully at the combine. Everyone was so happy to see Te'o being honest and forthright that they gladly kept him in the first round. 

    Then he ran the 40-yard dash, and it became obvious he had a new wave of terrorists to contend with. His 4.82 time appears insurmountable at the present, but our protagonist could deliver a stellar performance on his pro day to save the situation.

    But similar to the Die Hard series, he also runs the risk (excuse the pun) of viewer fatigue. If Te'o gets himself into one more concerning scenario, I'm out.

    I tried to watch Die Hard 4 multiple times and couldn't do it. Don't make me quit you, Manti. 

Star Lotulelei Has the Skills, but Does He Have the Heart?

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    When it comes to physical prowess, few can match the raw statistics of Star Lotulelei. He's 6'2", weighs 311 pounds and moves like a much smaller man.

    But it's Lotulelei's engine that has general managers worried.

    Lotulelei underwent an echocardiogram in Indy, which revealed that the star defensive lineman has a below-average Ejection Fraction. Basically, his heart is 10 percent less effective than a normal one.

    Lotulelei's management held him out of drills at the combine and sent him to see a specialist. Hopefully everything will check out well for the big fella and he can get back to giving quarterbacks grief.

Damontre Moore Didn't Measure Up to a Top 5 Pick

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    Defensive ends need strength. They must generate the power necessary to hold their own at the point of attack against generally bigger tackles on running plays.

    Somebody forgot to tell Damontre Moore this. He was only able to put up 12 reps on the bench press. 

    Obviously, that's not good.

    To add to his problems, Moore turned in a 4.95 40-yard dash time. If he isn't strong enough to disengage from tackles, he had better be able to run away from them. 

    Consider both of these areas to be of great concern going forward. Moore did not do himself any favors in Indianapolis. 

Johnthan Banks Might Have Raced out of the First Round

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    The consensus top cornerback is Dee Milliner, and nothing that happened at the combine changed that. However, there were plenty of candidates to seize the second-best label in Indy.

    Well, Johnthan Banks fell out of that race early. 

    Banks turned in a 4.61 40-yard dash. Considering top-flight speed is essential for the position, this could have a lasting effect on his draft status.

    Regardless of how good a cornerback is, he is going to get burned occasionally. Without the straight-line speed to recover, Banks will find himself looking at the backs of too many jerseys to warrant a first-round pick. 

Even a Bowling Ball Needs Speed

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    Power is a nice attribute for an NFL running back, but it has nothing on speed. 

    A player can be fast, lack power and still rate as a high draft pick. The converse usually is not true.

    Montee Ball was extremely productive in college. You don't score 77 career rushing touchdowns without any talent.

    However, posting a 4.66 40-yard dash is only going to turn heads in a negative manner. Some pundits had Ball ranked as the second- or third-best back in this draft. It's unlikely that they feel the same now. 

Stepfan Taylor Finds Himself in the Same Tugboat as Montee Ball

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    The last slide could pretty much be copied and pasted and none of you would bat an eye. That's how similar the scripts are for Montee Ball and Stepfan Taylor.

    Well, except for the fact that Taylor had just over half the rushing touchdowns that Ball had.

    Oh, and he ran an entire tenth of a second slower (4.76). Offensive linemen actually turned in better times.


It's Impossible to Have a Draft Concerns Slideshow Without Denard Robinson

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    Denard Robinson finds himself on another list discussing draft concerns. However, this time, it isn't about his new position or whether he can catch the ball. It's regarding an injury that just won't go away.

    Robinson sustained nerve damage in his elbow against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. While not good, even that isn't the problem.

    The red flag is raised because the game happened on Oct. 27, 2012. That's four months ago. 

    Robinson hasn't ruled out getting surgery to correct the lingering issues. This is likely much ado about nothing, but it's worth checking out. 

Honesty Is Not Always the Best Policy

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    There's a time to speak up and there's a time to keep quiet. Apparently, Sam Montgomery didn't learn that lesson at LSU.

    The potential first-round defensive end/outside linebacker didn't realize he could hold back a few things at his press conference. The first of which should have been that he didn't always give his best effort against inferior opponents. 

    NFL teams invest a lot of money in high draft picks. They want to know that the selected player is going to earn those paychecks.

    Montgomery went on to discuss that there aren't any off weeks in the NFL. But he shouldn't have had to say that in the first place. 

How Not to Stand out Among the Plethora of Wide Receivers

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    Terrance Williams was a beast on the field for the Baylor Bears. In 2012 alone, he caught 97 passes for 1,832 yards and 12 touchdowns. 

    Those numbers are phenomenal and meant Williams should be ranked highly despite all of the competition at wide receiver in this draft.

    And he was. Until the combine, that is. 

    Williams posted a mediocre 4.52 40-yard dash time and then followed that up with a 4.32 in the 20-yard shuttle. Basically, he isn't running by people or changing direction and exploding by them.

    And with a 32.5-inch vertical jump, he won't be skying over defenders either. 

    Now, we just have to figure out what he does do well.  

It's Not the First of the Month, but Wake Up!

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    It's both fitting and sad that we end this slideshow with Christine Michael.

    The lesser-heralded back really impressed scouts with his physical skills the combine. He flashed quickness (4.02 seconds in the 20-yard shuttle) and ridiculous hops (43 inches!). I even dropped the mic on my latest article with his performance. 

    However, Michael also proved to be a bit unreliable in the mental game. Word has leaked that he slept through two of his team interviews.

    Any franchise can probably rest easy if they draft him, though; just get him an iPhone. Those things have some of the most annoying alarms I've ever heard.