Texts from Last Night: The Titus Young Is a Hall of Famer Edition

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2013

Texts from Last Night: The Titus Young Is a Hall of Famer Edition

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    The NFL continues to struggle with controlling its players on social media outlets such as Twitter—look no further than the recent escapades of former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young

    Young, who was released from the Lions for his Twitter antics, was promptly let go by the St. Louis Rams just a few days after an interview process (via Albert Breer on Twitter). 

    The former Lions and Rams receiver is the perfect example of how irrational social media use can cost a player his job. 

    Once again, we can only dream up how ridiculous the interactions behind closed doors between players, coaches and more can get. 

    Let's take a look at a few fictional messages that would not shock us in the least if they turned out to be true. 

Alex Smith Wants No Part of Kansas City

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    The San Francisco 49ers have their starting quarterback of the future in Colin Kaepernick. This leaves backup and former starter Alex Smith with nowhere to call home. 

    According to the Kansas City Star, Smith will be traded to the Chiefs once trades are allowed later this offseason. 

    For a 28-year-old quarterback, a team as bad as the Chiefs currently entering a rebuilding phase under new guidance is a nightmare destination, regardless of the No. 1 overall pick it possesses. 

    Or is it? 

Manti Te'o Wants to Wear a Cincinnati Bengals Uniform

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    The Cincinnati Bengals may have a need at the linebacker position by the time the 2013 NFL draft rolls around because middle linebacker Rey Maualuga is set to become a free agent. 

    According to ESPN, the Bengals were one of the teams to interview controversial linebacker Manti Te'o at the scouting combine. 

    It is hard to imagine why the Bengals would want anything to do with Te'o considering his antics off the field and his similarity to Maualuga on it. Maualuga was the worst inside linebacker in the NFL a year ago (via ProFootballFocus), so Cincinnati may have been giving him a pity interview. 


Matt Barkley Continues His Quest to Be a First-Round Pick

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    Former USC quarterback Matt Barkley is hoping to impress NFL scouts enough to make him a first-round pick when the 2013 NFL draft rolls around. 

    According to Sports Illustrated, Barkley could be in play for the Arizona Cardinals, a team that holds the No. 7 overall pick in the draft. 

    Arizona has dabbled in mediocrity when it comes to quarterbacks for a few years now and knows a thing or two about overhyped USC products (Matt Leinart, anyone?). 

    New head coach Bruce Arians is likely going to try to find his own franchise quarterback, but it is hard to imagine it is Barkley unless he has a jaw-dropping pro day. 

Jacoby Jones the Dancer

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    Jacoby Jones was the hero of the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens as he returned a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown and reeled in a 56-yard TD reception as the Ravens won. 

    How quickly heroes are shoved onto the back burner. 

    According to ESPN, Jones' roster spot is not a sure thing heading into next season as the team attempts to make room in order to bring back other players. If he refuses to restructure, he could be cut. 

    Either way, Jones is a winner. He is the next NFL athlete to be featured on Dancing with the Stars (via ESPN). 

Carson Palmer Is Throwing Around That Retirement Word Again

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    It seems like a long time ago that Carson Palmer retired from the Cincinnati Bengals only to have the team rip off Oakland by shipping him to the Raiders. 

    Oakland is clearly regretting the decision, as Palmer could be cut and the team is asking him to restructure his ridiculous contract (via Adam Schefter on Twitter). 

    Whether or not Palmer is willing to take a pay cut to stay on one of the NFL's worst teams remains to be seen, but he still has the retirement card in his arsenal—which may not be a bad option for all parties involved. 

Ryan Mallett Is an Awful Quarterback

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    Speculation has begun to run rampant about New England Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett thanks to the plethora of NFL teams searching for a franchise player at the position. 

    The Cleveland Browns are potentially one of those teams, and ESPN Cleveland has speculated that the team may be willing to give up some picks in order to obtain Mallett. 

    It is a surprising development because the Browns already have a second-year quarterback in Brandon Weeden. 

    A competition between Weeden and Mallett would be interesting to see, but the Patriots may be asking too much in return. That may be best for all involved. 

What Do Greg Jennings and Titus Young Have in Common?

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    The Green Bay Packers are having a hard time figuring out what to do with impending free-agent receiver Greg Jennings. 

    The team could attempt to work out a long-term deal with him, slap him with the franchise tag or allow him to hit the open market. 

    According to Tom Pelissero on Twitter, Jennings believes he is worth around $14 million a year and thinks he could find it on the market. Ian Rapoport on Twitter believes the Packers may end up franchise tagging him, which would only pay him around $10 million for one year. 

    Jennings is trying to cash in like any veteran looking for his last deal in the league would, but he may be a bit delusional. 

Percy Harvin Does Not Care About the Money

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    The Minnesota Vikings have had some public drama with star wide receiver Percy Harvin as of late. There was rampant speculation that Harvin would hold out for a new deal. 

    The issue with said speculation is that Harvin has never said a peep about money. According to CBS, Harvin's beef is with the offense in place, which makes a lot of sense. 

    Quarterback Christian Ponder has had issues finding his way at the professional level. According to ProFootballFocus, Ponder's average depth of target was a measly 6.8 yards in 2012. This means his intended targets were rarely more than seven yards down the field. 

    Harvin is an electric deep threat. Ponder throws a full yard less per attempt than any other quarterback in the NFL, and four yards less than the league leader. 

    It is easy to see why Harvin is aggravated. 

Tim Tebow the Running Back

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    New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow may be done with the organization as the team may consider releasing him outright later this offseason (via ESPN New York). 

    As Bill Polian put it, Tebow simply does not have what it takes to play quarterback:

    "He has to put quarterback behind him," said Polian. "He's a good football player, but he's not a quarterback you can hang your hat on. I don't think he's a passer, period -- the kind of passer you have to have to win in the NFL.

    There are plenty of teams out there that could use a consistent running back. Maybe Tebow can be that guy when he realizes no team is going to give him a shot at quarterback again. 

Titus Young Is a Hall-of-Famer

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    Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has had a rough go of it as of late. 

    First, he decided to take to Twitter to tell the world if he did not get the ball more he wanted to be cut so he could play somewhere else. He then decided to proclaim he was a future Hall of Famer (via ProFootballTalk).

    Mr. Young remains unemployed, which is not all that shocking. There are many teams that could use an outstanding young talent such as Young, but clearly no one wants to put up with his antics. 

    Do not forget, this is the same guy who thinks he is better than Calvin Johnson (via CBS). 

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