Sharing My Notes from the 2008 CFB Season: NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IApril 10, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 26:  The ESPN broadcast team of (L-R) Mel Kiper, Chris Mortensen,Keyshawn Johnson, Steve Young and Chris Berman work the 2008 NFL Draft on April 26, 2008 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

I am finally getting to my NFL Draft preview for The Sports Chat Place and The College Football Place that I have looked forward to working on but haven't had the time.

As most people know, I follow college football very closely. I don't watch pregame coverage, very little post game outside of interviews and a few highlights. I base everything from my game picks to player evaluations from what I've seen on the field.

I haven't seen the numbers out of the combine nor do I care, I am just looking at football players, the guys who know how to play the game of football.

I will only be evaluating the players I have seen play that are draft eligible and all of the things written about here outside of the measurements are strictly my opinion based on my observations watching college football. This will be an ongoing series until every player and position is covered.

My rating probably won't help you win any mock draft contests but over time, it will show you where to put your heart and soul as some players have what it takes to play the game, others just look good at a track and field competition.

Because of the amount of draft eligible players and the number of them I have seen I will be breaking them into sections based on position and where in the alphabet their last names fall. So let's get to the players.


Quarterbacks (A-D)

C.J Bacher, Northwestern, 6'1", 200

I'm sure the "experts" disagree with me but I think Bacher makes a good back up at the next level at the very least. He's smart, he's a winner, and he's played against some tough competition in the Big Ten. We may not see his name called on draft day, but we may hear his name later anyways.

Cole Berquest, Montana, 6'1 1/2, 205

I always shy away from QB's who didn't play against top level competition but there seems to be plenty of them earning a nice living in the NFL. While Berquest won't be the next Joe Flacco, he'll get a look somewhere. He'll need to be in the right spot to stick.

Todd Boeckman, Ohio State, 6'3" 5/8, 230

Boeckman waited his turn at Ohio State but when his turn finally came it didn't last long as he surrendered his gig when he couldn't get the offense moving at USC and never regained the starting job. While many can blame it on the spread in the college game, others can say he just didn't have the tools.

I'm with the latter on this one.


Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State, 6' 2 1/4, 225

While I see other position players get kicked off of a team and go play at a smaller school and do well at the next level, I don't see it happening too much at QB. While I'm not sure Bomar would have been much better off at Oklahoma, they have had two Heisman winners at that position this decade.

I am sure scouts love Bomar because of his skills and size, I am sure others have the same apprehensions i do because of his dubious background. If I were an NFL team, I wouldn't waste the pick. In the little time he saw at Oklahoma under center, he was less than impressive in the home loss to TCU.


Tom Brandstater, Fresno State, 6'5", 220

Brandstater is a guy who I'm sure scouts are enamored with and as a mid second day pick he's worth taking a stab at for a team that isn't counting on an instant contribution.

Brandstater would have gotten a lot more exposure if his team played better but the Bulldogs problems as we talked about all last season was an inability to tackle, allowing big scores against good teams.

Fortunately, most teams aren't looking for a QB who can tackle and with his natural size and arm strength he'd be a welcome draft day addition in a pace he can learn.

Nathan Brown, Central Arkansas, 6'1", 219

I honestly haven't seen much of Brown except for his post season all star game performance and I'm just not convinced he's an all star. While he had numbers that no one can argue with, he also has a delivery that NFL scouts probably hate in a big way. I would take a pass.


Hunter Cantwell, Louisville, 6'4" 235

I was surprised how bad Hunter Cantwell was this past season. It wasn't just that his team was bad, I think he made poor decisions. Throughout his career Cantwell spelled Brian Brohm often and looked very good doing so, he looked awful when it was his team.

So which is the real Hunter Cantwell?

My take is he is the one not worth risking millions of dollars on and my team's future. The only excuse he really has was he had a coaching change, but that's part of everyday life at the next level.


Rudy Carpenter, Arizona State, 6'2", 218

If there was a more disappointing team in the country last year than Arizona State it would be tough to find. After winning the Pac-10 title the year before, the Sun Devils went 5-7 and just looked plain bad all season.

I would say Carpenter is a tough QB who started forever out in the desert but he lacks the cannon arm that caused him problems even in Dennis Erickson's pass happy NFL style system. Would have been a good linebacker, not an NFL QB.

Chase Clement, Rice, 6'0", 207

Clement is one of those type of players my friends and I like to talk about when we talk college football. He's a gutsy QB, gets big numbers, knows how to use his weapons but just doesn't have the tools to play NFL football.

While he's undersized a bit, that's not what bothers me the most. He;s a little skittish in the pocket and NFL LB's will be teeing off on him. I think his arm strength and deep accuracy is lacking as well. Thanks for the memories. It was because of Chase we were all over the Owls like white on Rice this past season.


Chris Crane, Boston College, 6'5", 237

We loved Chris Crane last season as he was a cover machine until he got injured late in the year. These days there seems to be two kinds of QB's: Very large ones and very fast ones, Crane is the former.

I think Crane gets a good look and probably sticks with someone. He showed he can win games and while not spectacular, he's efficient. He will probably benefit from what his predecessor Matt Ryan did in the NFL last season. While he's probably never a star at the next level, he'll be a nice insurance policy for someone.


Chase Daniel, Missouri, 6'0", 218

I was never a big fan of Chase Daniel at Mizzou. Those who have followed my college coverage know that I felt Daniel couldn't beat the good teams and that's what separates the great players from the good.

Daniel will get a look in some camps and with his running ability maybe he finds a home with a team who is looking for a mobile QB who likes to throw on the run.

While we know it works well in college, it doesn't always translate well to the speed of the next level. With all of this being said, I have seen a lot worse QB's playing on Sundays than Chase Daniel.


Nate Davis, Ball State, 6'2" 226

I was surprised to see Nate Davis declare for the NFL Draft this year. While his Ball State team had a good year until late, the late losses were primarily the fault of Davis. He seems to have trouble holding onto the ball, fumbling often. I don't think he throws a good ball nor is he as mobile as many may think.

Maybe Davis is trying to strike while the iron is still lukewarm as he was exposed and if I were an NFL team I wouldn't go near him.


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