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Robert Griffin III Goes 'All in for Week 1' with Adidas Commercial

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Robert Griffin III blew up everything—including Twitter—with his latest Adidas commercial. 

As The Washington Post reports, the latest ad from Adidas is more than just a normal spot that will have you invigorated to hit the gym.

It also serves to promise we might see RG3 by Week 1. 

You might be thinking that Week 1 is a hopeful return date for the star who went down with knee injuries in the Washington Redskins' playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The report does state he is ahead of schedule, but that optimism is yet to include a Week 1 prediction. 

So it makes sense fans would freak out from a commercial that has as many explosions as The Dark Knight Rises and ends with RG3 looking determined with the motto "all in for Week 1" posted over the screen. 

Well, after a major stir was created on Twitter, Griffin posted this to calm everyone down:

He then continued:

Oh, I get it. So what we were watching was just an audacious commercial that should not be taken as fact? So wait, the Wax Vac isn't a must-own appliance like I am told in their nausea-inducing ad?

Fans, relax. 

This was just one really sweet commercial featuring Griffin, who can only guarantee he will work his hardest to be back as early as possible. Just as you shouldn't believe a football field will blow up just because you wear Adidas, you shouldn't buy all of the marketing claims presented. 

It's all just entertainment. 


Hit me up on Twitter for more silly swagger. 

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