Introducing Your Inaugural B/R Fantasy Baseball League Champion

John LorgeSenior Writer IApril 9, 2009

In case you didn't know the Inaugural Bleacher Report Fantasy Baseball League has kicked off, and I'm going to win it. 

After an unforgettable draft and active spring training, the MetAL MuLiSHa are ready to take the crown.  The MuLiSHa was the only team to hold tryouts and bring on a co-manager, Lunchtime aka LT.

Going back to the draft, we drew the seventh pick in the lottery.  I usually prefer to draft on the ends, but the center gives good opportunities to snag undervalued players.

Here is our opening day roster (including pick numbers and the cut list from spring training):


C  - Geovany Soto, 66
1B - Aubrey Huff, 79
2B - Kelly Johnson, 162
SS - Michael Young, 90
3B - Hank Blalock, 223
CI - Casey Blake, FA
MI - Placido Polanco, 210
OF - Manny Ramirez, 18
OF - Matt Holliday, 31
OF - Ryan Ludwick, 103
OF - Andre Ethier, 138
U  - Ryan Braun, 7
BN - Cameron Maybin, 199
DL - Alex Rodriguez, 42


P - Jake Peavy, 55
P - Daisuke Matsuzaka, 114
P - Ryan Dempster, 151
P - Clayton Kershaw, 175
P - Johnny Cueto, 186
P - Troy Percival, FA
P - Fernando Rodney, 234
P - Hiroki Kuroda, 258
BN - Matt Cain, 127
BN - Barry Zito, FA


Phil Hughes
Matt LaPorta

Here is Lunchtime's thoughts on we fared in the draft:

"We fared excellent. Not only do we have the best outfield of proven stars with Manny, Ryan Braun, and Matt Holliday, but also have the best young talent in Cameron Maybin and Andre Eithier. We also drafted the most gangster pitching staff being held down by Fernando Rodney and Johnny Cueto. Rumor has it since the season started, they have been hanging out with Clayton Kershaw to mix things up a bit."

This league will be a display of mental and physical domination come September. It will be looking like Pros vs. Joes out here.  Our soft competition has LT hungry for a crown:

"Our competitors are feeble. No one has the offensive power we possess. We will eat your children."

There are plenty of predictions from the members of this league, but only LT seems to have the right ones:

"Manny Ramirez will drive in 130+ runs. Clayton Kershaw will win 15+ games. Matt Holliday will hit .340 with 45 HRs. Cameron Maybin will either be rookie of the year or arrested for possession of marijuana before season's end (South Beach is too tempting). Hank Blalock, who recently mended broken ties with former friend Yuri Sucart, will hit 30+ HRs and drive in 90+. The MetAL MuLiSHa will win the regular season handily and storm through the postseason without a challenge. Then we will proceed to eat your children."

As any team starting out the year, we're certainly not perfect yet. Here is what Lunchtime thinks we need to do in order to takeover:

"If we could improve anything, it would be our ability to reinstate Shaquille O'Neal as an honorary sheriff. This would be two-fold: first, because "Tell me how my ass tastes Kobe" will be remembered by the history books as an American classical rather than as a divisive tool that lost Shaq his status as a sheriff. Second, Shaq will most likely arrest Cameron Maybin for possession of marijuana."

Wow, the rest of the league doesn't know what just hit them.