The Sportmeisters' Cheap Shot of the Week: Down with Fantasy Auto-Pick!

The SportmeistersAnalyst IApril 8, 2009

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 10:  Quarterback Jake Delhomme #17 of the Carolina Panthers passes the ball against the Arizona Cardinals during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game on January 10, 2009 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

By Derek of The Sportmeisters

As the Fantasy Guru of The Sportmeisters, it's my job to participate in a lot of fantasy drafts. Let me tell you some stories about a few recent ones.

So, I’m in the 13th round of a 15-round fantasy football draft, and right as I'm about to grab QB Jake Delhomme as my backup/bye week QB, all of a sudden, two picks ahead of me, a guy on auto-pick takes Delhomme. I hate auto-pick!

Then, in a baseball draft, I am staring right at Chase Utley in the late second round and a guy on auto-pick snags him right in front of me. I hate auto-pick!

I could forgive the second one, seeing as how Utley should be a first round pick anyway, but you get my point. I hate it when guys sign up for a live draft and then decide not to show up, ultimately putting themselves on auto-pick.

Now, sometimes they have pre-set rankings that will make the first couple of rounds for them, but then the later rounds are on straight best-ranked player auto-pick. Not only can I not stand it, but it's also irresponsible of the owner.

One of my primary reasons for hating auto-pick is that the players that get taken are not needed on that specific team. If Team A has already drafted Brian McCann, do they really need Victor Martinez?

In another football draft, a guy sat there and pre-set his team to auto-pick nothing but QBs and ended up with Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb, Derek Anderson, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers. Now is that a bunch of bull or what?

I can understand that some people have to use auto-pick for a live draft. I myself had to do an auto-pick because the only available time was when I worked, but I set my top 250 rankings in place ahead of time. That's as legitimate as drafting my own team.

If you sign up for a live draft and then don’t have any rankings set up, you leave yourself to take the best-rated player available and that just pisses people off. Owners miss out on the sleepers they studied for, and lose out on the guy that they really wanted to grab.

Be honest, the auto-pick team that just drafted him wouldn’t have taken him with that pick. He should have been yours.

I once was in a draft room that had nine out of 12 teams on auto-pick. Not only do the picks piss you off, it’s not as much fun. There’s no room to talk or banter back and forth about good or bad picks. It’s just not as much fun.

I once was all about auto-pick, but since I have started doing live drafts, it has become as reprehensible as the plague. So, please, if you are going to do a fantasy draft, show up and don’t leave the other people in the draft room screwed because you're too lazy to participate.