Breaking Down the Most Bizarre New Twists to the Alex Rodriguez PED Story

Doug Mead@@Sports_A_HolicCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2013

Breaking Down the Most Bizarre New Twists to the Alex Rodriguez PED Story

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    Yes, the Alex Rodriguez PED story is one that will never die. And now, a conspiracy theory that would make Oliver Stone proud is unraveling.

    Last week, the baseball world was completely rocked once again by new PED allegations.

    Courtesy of the article published by the Miami New Times, MLB players were once again implicated in regard to the use of performance-enhancing drugs, including Rodriguez.

    The article was discussed ad nauseum all week long on various media outlets just two weeks before the beginning of spring training. And new twists continue to be revealed as the story continues to grow legs.

    We will break down the events chronologically, leading up to the latest allegations revealed on Tuesday morning.

Miami New Times Publishes Damning Article

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    Early last week, the Miami New Times published an article in which several current MLB players were named in conjunction with a closed anti-aging clinic in Miami.

    Biogenesis, owned by Anthony Bosch, allegedly supplied performance-enhancing drugs for Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Yasmani Grandal, Gio Gonzalez and Nelson Cruz.

    Testosterone, HGH and other chemicals were apparently given out to players according to documents provided to the Miami New Times.

    What ensued was a round of denials from several players, including an official statement from MLB as well as from teams.

Gio Gonzalez Immediately Denies Any Involvement

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    In notes that Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch wrote in 2012, he mentioned Washington Nationals starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez's name five times.

    Here is one excerpt:

    Order 1.c.1 with Zinc/MIC/... and Aminorip. For Gio and charge $1,000.

    Gonzalez immediately denied any involvement with the Miami clinic or with Bosch.

    In a statement released on Twitter, Gonzalez said:

    I've never used performance enhancing drugs of any kind and I never will, I've never met or spoken with Tony Bosch or used any substance provided by him. Anything said to the contrary is a lie.

    Gonzalez had never before been linked to PED use.

A-Rod Also Issues Immediate Denial

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    Back in 2009, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez admitted publicly for the first time that had used performance-enhancing drug, but only during his time with Texas Rangers between 2001-2003.

    The article published by the Miami New Times cast A-Rod's admission into doubt.

    According to notes written by Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch, A-Rod was allegedly using PEDs from 2009 until last year.

    Here is one excerpt:

    The mentions of Rodriguez begin in 2009 and continue all the way through last season. Take a page in another notebook, which is labeled "2012" and looks to have been written last spring. Under the heading "A-Rod/Cacique," Bosch writes, "He is paid through April 30th. He will owe May 1 $4,000... I need to see him between April 13-19, deliver troches, pink cream, and... May meds. Has three weeks of Sub-Q (as of April)."

    Rodriguez's PR team immediately issued a stark denial (h/t the New York Post):

    “The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true. Alex Rodriguez was not Mr. Bosch’s patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. The purported documents referenced in the story — at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez — are not legitimate.”

    Rodriguez also hired Roy Black, the attorney who successfully defended William Kennedy Smith of allegations of rape back in 1991.

Yankees Eye Way out of Rodriguez Contract

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    After the Miami New Times published its article, the New York Yankees apparently started looking for ways to get out of its remaining contractual obligations to Alex Rodriguez.

    According to, the Yankees "plan on exploring multiple avenues in an attempt to void the star third baseman's contract."

    Sources indicated that the Yankees "are looking at about 20 different things" in an effort to void the final five years and $114 million owed to Rodriguez.

Nelson Cruz Issues Denial

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    Texas Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz was also one of the players who was allegedly given PEDs by Biogenesis.

    Cruz's law firm, Farrell & Reisinger, released a statement on behalf of its client (h/t

    "We are aware of certain allegations and inferences. To the extent these allegations and inferences refer to Nelson, they are denied."

    Cruz himself has not spoken publicly since the article was published.

MLB Meets with Miami New Times Staff to Discuss Article Details

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    When Major League Baseball issued its statement with regard to the article published by the Miami New Times, they revealed that they were aware of the possible connection between Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch and several MLB players.

    On Monday, MLB sent a contingent of representatives to Miami to meet with staff members from the Miami New Times.

    MLB is seeking access to the documents provided to the magazine. Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse is considering their request.

Yankees Won't Reveal Location of A-Rod's Rehab Location

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    Shortly before the Miami New Times published its article, Alex Rodriguez underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum and an impingement in his left hip.

    The surgery was considered successful. However, it was expected that A-Rod's recovery time would be six months, meaning he wouldn't be suiting up until at least the All-Star break.

    Now, because of the publicity caused by last week's article, the Yankees will do all they can to keep Rodriguez's rehab location a secret.

    General manager Brian Cashman told reporters that the Yankees did not change the location of where Rodriguez will be rehabbing because of the publicity.

    "We have a protocol set up for Alex that was already in line through Dr. (Brian) Kelly's office," Cashman said. "I'm not going to state where he will be when camp opens. It hasn't been altered with the recent publicity that he is dealing with."

Rodriguez and the Giant New York Yankees' Conspiracy

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    If everything concerning the Miami New Times article wasn't already filled with drama, yet another wrinkle was added on Tuesday morning.

    According to the New York Daily News, Alex Rodriguez believes that there are forces in play that were created for the sole purpose of discrediting him.

    Sources told the paper that Rodriguez believes that "bigger forces are at work to try to discredit him and sink his career."

    According to sources:

    “He’s scared, because he thinks this is so unbelievably false, and he’s wondering who could be behind this,” said a source, referring to last week’s Miami New Times report linking A-Rod to an alleged Miami-area performance-enhancing drug scandal. “He thinks something could be going on larger than anyone might think."

    Maybe at some point when this story plays itself out, director Oliver Stone will ask for the movie rights.

    Stay tuned, folks—more bizarre twists will no doubt be coming.

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