2008 NFL Draft: Who the Lions Will Pick

BrentCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2008

Maybe not to the liking of the rest of the Detroit Lion fan-base, here are my predictions for the first three players taken by the Lions in the upcoming 2008 NFL draft--

Round One - Dan Connor, ILB (Penn State)

In my opinion, probably one of the best linebackers to play in college football. He led the Big Ten in tackles in '07, and ended his career at Penn State with a record 419 tackles.  Connor also has pretty decent speed, running around a 4.67 40-time, which is essential in the Tampa-2 Defense, where the MLB has to routinely drop into zone pass coverage. I think with Sims at ROLB, Connor in the center, and Lenon as the LOLB, these three guys could really get it done on the field, despite having a mediocre defensive line. This guy is the answer that we as Detroit fans have been waiting for at Linebacker, and with such depth at running back in this draft, their will be plenty more RB's besides Mendenhall in the later rounds. 

Round Two - Sam Baker, OT (USC)

This guy would be a great pick up for our needs at a offensive lineman position. Starting 49 games makes this guy as durable as they come, and at 6-foot-4, 309 pounds, he has the size to be able to play either guard or tackle. There is a slight chance that this guy could move up into the first round, depending on how he does in his pro-day on April 2nd, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Round Three - Mike Hart, RB (Michigan)

Yes, I know. Another hometown hero only picked up because of his famed career at Michigan. But at least hear me out.

Being a huge Michigan State fan, I personally don't like the guy. But, to his credit, he has more passion for the game than anyone I've ever seen play at that school in Ann Arbor. (And yes, to all you Michigan fans out there fanatically typing into the comment box, Hart WILL fall down into the third round, whether you like it or not, due to an average combine performance. All must remember that the rest of the nation hasn't seen this guy play every autumn Saturday for the past four years, and I don't think they really know how much potential this guy has.)

Mike Hart would be a great pick-up for the Lions with this pick, and he would most likely take the starting job within the first three to four weeks of the season from Tatum Bell, not only because of his on the field talent, but his raw passion for the game, which we all know that is something that Rod Marinelli preaches day in and day out. 

 And don't worry, I know the Lions have 2 third round picks, but I'm only doing the first three players picked by them in the draft this year.