How Can the Seattle Seahawks Overcome the 2008 Season?

lonnie swansonContributor IApril 5, 2009

By drafting excellent and making all the moves that need to be made in free agency.

Well, here we are, less than a month away from the 2009 draft. There are a lot of articles out there on who people think that Seattle should take with their first pick. I have seen some pretty good opinions, and I have seen some awful ones. I, of course, have my own opinion also.

I know who I would like to have Seattle take with there first pick a and I also know what they need. I think that is where some people are making the mistake. They see someone that would be awesome in the NFL, but it is not a priority for Seattle.

They don't see that though, and therefore, they go and write an article about who should be taken with the first pick, and then get ridiculed for there opinion. So I am going to break down there entire roster for everyone.

That way, for those of you who write an article about what you want, you can understand what Seattle truly needs.

Starting offense, with backup:

WR - No. 1-T.J. Houshmandzadeh - No. 2-Deion Branch (sometimes in on a three-receiver set)    

LT -No. 1-Walter Jones -No. 2-(to be determined)

LG -No. 1-Mike Wahle -No. 2-(to be determined)

C -No. 1-Chris Spencer -No. 2-Steve Vallos

RG -No. 1-Rob Sims -No. 2-Mansfield Wrotto

RT -No. 1-Sean Locklear -No. 2-Ray Willis (can also play guard-or move to Walter's spot)

WR -No. 1-Nate Burleson (injury pending)-No. 2-Mike Hass (you'll see)

RB -No. 1-Julius Jones (cannot handle the load) - No. 2-Justin Forsett (complementary back)

FB -No. 1-Owen Schmidt -No. 2-T.J. Duckett( goal line RB also)

QB - No. 1-Matt Hasselbeck -No. 2-Seneca Wallace


Starting Defense with backup

DE -No. 1-Patrick Kerney -No. 2-Baraka Atkins

DT -No. 1-Brandon Mebane - No. 2-Colin Cole -No. 3-Craig Terrell

DT -No. 1-Cory Redding -No. 2-Red Bryant

DE -No. 1-Lawrence Jackson -No. 2-Darryl Tapp

LB -No. 1-Leroy Hill -No. 2-Lance Laury

LB -No. 1-Lofa Tatupu -No. 2-Westley Mallard

LB -No. 1-D.D.Lewis

CB -No. 1-Marcus Trufant

CB -No. 1-Josh Wilson -No. 2-Kelly Jennings

SS -No. 1-Deon Grant -No. 2-Jordan Babineaux

FS -No. 1-Brian Russell (needs to go) -No. 2-C.J. Wallace


So there is the starting defense and offense.Of course come time for training camp, if someone shines over the other, they will start. If football season started today, this is the way it would look.

There is a little more depth on the team than what I wrote down, but these are the players that would make the team.

Now as you can see from above, if you are smart and know the Seahawks lineup like a true fan should, you can see there are some holes.

Now, assuming Seattle has a normal season and all players stay healthy for the most part, there are only a few major needs to address. Particularly with this years first round draft pick.

As you can see from above, Seattle doesn't have a good starting running back(if you think we do, you must be from Virginia, if anybody gets that). 

Seattle doesn't have enough depth at receiver. Sure we have a lot of them, but Taylor, Obomanu, Payne, and Kent—all receivers thought to be good after a couple of years, have proven they are not quality NFL receivers.

We did pick up an OSU product, Mike Hass. For those that don't know him, cause I am a Pac-10 fan, I watched him in college. Very good receiver. I think he is going to come in and earn a roster spot.

Seattle needs another cornerback. Sorry football fans, its a fact. We are never going to be great if we cant cover. Josh Wilson showed signs of improvement last year, but he wont and cant play consistent.

Think about it, if Trufant goes down, Seattle will be called the cornerback leprechaun's. Wilson and Jennings starting against Fitzgerald and Boldin. I hope you are laughing with me right now even though its not funny.

We need to pick up someone either free agency or in the draft.

Seattle needs a free safety to save there life. Plain and simple. Seattle cannot survive another season of Brian Russell blown tackles and burns.

And finally, a decent backup or starter at linebacker. I personally think that D.D. Lewis can come in and take charge of the right side of the LBing core. My opinion though. He is a very good replacement for anyone of those linebackers when they got hurt.

So maybe he could hold a starting spot. Seattle could also pick up a good veteran this year and sign him to a one or two-year deal to hold over them 'til next year's draft and address the LB issue with the first or second round.

As many fans might now get, Seattle has good starters and backups on the D-line and O-line. We don't need to address those issues with the number one pick. That does not mean that we cannot add any depth with later picks, but we need to draft an immediate starter. No matter how raw they are.

If they are great talent, they will adapt real easy.

Draft day first  picks (ones that could have immediate impact)

No. 1 pick - Michael Crabtree/WR - Definitely the best option to add star depth, even though he is a rookie - Also, would be able to let a few loser's go if we got him.

No. 2 pick - Rashad Jennings/RB -If you don't know him, you will once someone has him-He will be the starter after Week Three and carry Seattle into the playoffs.

No. 3 pick - Nic Harris/SS -Slide Grant over to FS and make Harris the SS. Grant has been playing long enough to make an easy transition to FS.

These first three picks will all be starters, THIS SEASON! We need that to have a Super Bowl run.

I know one thing, if these positions are not addressed this year, there will be still problems to come - even without a season full of injuries. Tell me what you think.


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