Randy Moss Calls Himself Best Receiver to Play the Game

John RozumCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2013

Randy Moss at Super Bowl media day.
Randy Moss at Super Bowl media day.Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Moss thinks he is the best receiver in NFL history.

OK, well, there's a guy named Jerry Rice whose numbers beg to differ.

Let's check out a table comparing the two.

Career Stats Jerry Rice Randy Moss
Regular Season 1985-2004 1998-Present
Receptions 1,549 982
Yards 22,895 15,292
Touchdowns 197 156

Receptions 151 52
Yards 2,245 936
Touchdowns 22 10
Awards and Honors    
Super Bowl Success 4 appearances, 3 wins, 1 MVP 2 appearances
Pro Bowl Selections 13 7
All-Pro Teams 12 (11 first-team) 5

Note: Moss' postseason numbers may change pending on Super Bowl XLVII production.

Without question, Rice was fortunate to have played with eventual Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Steve Young. Still, Rice's innate ability to accumulate yards after the catch and outrun a defense brings a greater impact and adds a dimension to an offense.

That capability messes with a coverage player's mind because Rice consistently proved to run the most fluid of routes. A quick slant or out then unraveled to a double move splitting a Cover 2 inside or burning past a Cover 1 or 3 corner down the sideline.

Moss' forte, to a greater extent, was going deep and making some incredible receptions. At the same time, he did prove the athleticism to rack up yards after the catch from his Monday Night Football score against the Arizona Cardinals.

His comments, though, are also what a coach should want in a player. And despite Rice being widely regarded as the best receiver ever, Moss still possesses that required confidence needed to sustain a long and successful career.

The end result of that swagger will definitely pay dividends on Super Sunday as well. Just like confidence did for Rice.