My Friday Brain Drain

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2008

This is what is in my head as we close out the week...

The NFL is considering rewarding wild card teams with home games in the divisional round of the playoffsbased on record.  Why?

Because many teams that have little to gain in the finals weeks of the season are not playing competitively. I say, don't change it.  If you do, you will invalidate the value of winning a division title.  Look what happened this season, anyway. The two teams that went all-out in week 17 went to the Super Bowl.


The Dallas Cowboys have upped their ante to Tennessee for the services of Pacman Jones. Why?

Well, because he's a good player. And by landing him, they won't need a DB in the first round of the draft—meaning they'll take a run at McFadden.

But that isn't a good enough reason. He has yet to show that he can function as a compliant citizen. His weakness is strip clubs.  Hello? Dallas has quite a few of those...


Officials at Madison Square Garden have announced that they will go ahead with their own renovation plans instead of moving to a new facility. Why?

Because the Dolan family, who owns the Garden,continues to be civilly irresponsible to the city of New York and its citizens.  The Garden sits atop Penn Station, which was earmarked to be moved across the street into the Old Farley Post Office on eight Avenue.  This cannot be done without the cooperation of the gluttonous Dolans—the robber barons of the new millennium.  Now, the 550,000 commuters that pass through Penn Station will be subject indefinitely to an inadequate and unsafe environment.


The talking heads of college basketball are ranting about how this tournament has been one of the biggest surprise tournaments in years. Really?

I looked in the newspaper this morning and saw all four top seeds still alive. They need to shut up.

There you have it, my Friday is set. I'm going for my massage now....