Why Tim Tebow Will Be a First Round Pick

Captain FantabulousCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators gets a facemask as he is sacked against the Oklahoma Sooners during the FedEx BCS National Championship Game at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is a first round lock. Forget about him sliding down the draft.

I understand the theory:

His arm’s average. He’s not that consistent. He throws up the occasional brick.

He’s obviously a risk.

But the guy has far too much upside, and potential, for 32 NFL teams to not take a risk on the guy.

I read a Peter King article earlier in the year, where he described how impressed the NFL is with Tebow. And that "at least 10 General Managers in the league were in the “he won’t get past us” draft position".

And I don’t think it’s that hard to see why.

Firstly, his versatility and talent.

The guy’s 6’3, 240 pounds, and will probably pull out a 4.5 time, at the combine. The type of numbers scouts drool over.

I’ve heard Quarterback, Running Back, Full Back, Tight End and even Safety for the guy, as potential positions when he hits the NFL. Potentially, more than one of them.

The guy has serious talent. And that sort of talent is worth a first round pick. Many teams will think they can coach him into some sort of star.

Secondly, the NFL just loves his character.

The guy is just a born winner, who oozes leadership from every pore. He’s the ultimate competitor, who puts his body on the line for the good of his team.

The sight of Tim, shoulders down,  taking on 250 pound Linebackers, to get over the line for a score, has become almost symbolic of his will to win, and will to be a success.

Scouts love that.

They know he is a guy who will do almost anything to be a success with their organization, will take nothing for granted, and will do anything asked of him. All for the good of the team.

It’s not a trait you find often in young players. And makes handing over $10 million dollars a whole lot more comfortable.

Finally, he’s a lot better passer than people give him credit.

The kid had the second highest passer efficiency in College football in 07, hitting 68% of his targets.

Mathew Stafford in the same year – 55%.

Mark Sanchez, last season – 65%

Both have better arms, and are better in the pocket, but the claim that Tebow isn’t a player that could potentially be an accurate, full time NFL Quarterback is completely unfounded to me.

Sure, he won’t be Peyton, or Tom, hitting wideouts 60 yards away, but I see no reason why he potentially couldn’t be a very tidy, successful Quarterback, with the right coaching.

And I think the NFL is probably thinking the same way.

And then you also have the huge upside of his running.

Tebow for me is probably the first Quarterback to come out of college who has the running skills of a running back. He isn’t a prancing speedster, who’s going to get broken in half every time he gets hit, like a Vick or a Young.

This guy’s 240 pounds of pure power. Who can seemingly take the punishment, and even run over people. A Quarterback who could run between the tackles.  

Of course, he’s never been tackled by Ray Lewis, but at the same time, I see no reason why he couldn’t be one of the very first effective 2 way threats.

Remember, we live in a Wildcat era. It was successful last season, so teams will continue to run it. It’s the very reason why Michael Vick will get a big payday as soon as he becomes a free man.

Michael Vick is a frightening proposition in the wildcat formation. As is Tebow.

Ronnie Brown is decent with the ball in his hands, and did a good job for Miami running their Wildcat formation. Can you imagine Tebow back there?

A guy that could run between the tackles for 10 yards, or make a pass, dependent on the coverage. Man, that’s frightening. How would you defend it?

This of course may all be a pipe dream. But my experience with the NFL drafts tells me that a team will take that risk, quite early. More than one will be prepared to take it in fact.

Just look at drafts past.

Vince Young, 3rd overall. Was he any more accurate than Tebow in college? No. But the potential upside was worth the risk.

Jamarcus Russel, 1st overall. Was he actually a better player than Brady Quinn in college? No. But again, the potential upside was worth the risk.

Michael Vick, 1st overall. Was he an out of this world passer in college? No.  But the upside was so great, he was worth a punt.

Tebow is a risk. But the potential upside is so great, that someone will take that risk early.

I struggle to see him dropping out of the top 20.


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