NFL: Contracts

XXX XXXSenior Writer IMarch 27, 2008

 Today I read an article by Pat Kirwan from and it concerned the issue of guaranteed contracts.

"In addition to the cap issues, there is also a psychological effect of the guaranteed money. Coaches around the league are privately wondering how they will motivate players making the big bucks, win or lose. What can a coach do to make a player work harder when that player is going to make his money no matter how he performs? As one coach told me, we are getting dangerously close to the point where the traditional methods of motivating players by dangling a carrot are over."

Pat Kirwan of

 Business is business. I, like many others, understand this concept.

 The fantasy that professional sports in America is solely made up of the game is the greatest misconception dished up to us, the paying public.

 How will you "motivate players making the big bucks, win or lose". That is the argument being sold, but the premise, as far as I am concerned, holds no merit in the first place and is very much the wrong debate.

 The idea that football is anything less than a job, that it is not a business, but just a game is the greatest misconception I know when it comes to professional sports.

 If you don't perform I don't care how much money you make, or what your reputation may well be, if you get hurt in the NFL, my friend, you are gone.

 From TO to Chad J, hold-outs can sometimes be seen in different lights with different players being branded in different ways.

 Money is given up front because that may well be all the player gets. With this mind set, considering when a guy gets hurt he is finished, you just can't simply put the players actions down to pure greed. There is just to much in the mix.

 The NFL is the chief of misconception at times, however, now the NFL has established a program to help retired players, why not address this issue also?

 I think it is time for NFL players to get guaranteed contracts, in this, the great modern world.