NFL Draft 2013: Underclassmen Who Will Be Stars at the Next Level

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJanuary 8, 2013

Moore declared early for the NFL draft and is going to continue dominating offensive linemen in the NFL.
Moore declared early for the NFL draft and is going to continue dominating offensive linemen in the NFL.Scott Halleran/Getty Images

NFL fans have seen NCAA players ruin their careers by deciding to enter the NFL draft early by forgoing their senior seasons. Some players return to school for their senior year and have a bad season, dropping their draft value.

Other players forgo their senior year and go to the NFL before they are fully developed as a player, which could end their career. 

Declaring early for the NFL draft can make or break a player's career, and as the 2013 NFL draft approaches there are already numerous players that have decided to skip their senior seasons. 

For at least three of them, they made a great choice. 

Here are three underclassmen that will make an instant impact on the NFL and their future teams.   


Damontre Moore

Moore was a freak of nature at Texas A&M. This season alone Moore had 85 tackles, 21 of them for a loss, which led the entire Aggies defense. Moore also added on 12.5 sacks, forced one fumble and blocked two kicks. 

The Aggies defensive end is the kind of player that can have an instant impact on any NFL team. Moore can change the face of an entire defensive squad, just by being on the field. The 6'4'', 248-pound monster could do wonders for a team looking to improve its defense with one draft pick. 

To add to his impressive list of accomplishments, he proved this season that he can play at a very high level in a 4-3 scheme after playing as a linebacker in a 3-4 in previous seasons.   


Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy has it all going for him. He rushed for over 1,300 yards, scored 17 touchdowns and won the BCS National Championship. 

Oh yeah, and speculation is that he will declare for the NFL draft. 

Lacy stands at just 6'1'' and weighs 220 pounds, making him an extremely effective power back. Lacy's numbers this season were impressive, but they could have been even better if TJ Yeldon wasn't such a stud.

Lacy won't have to worry about sharing the backfield with TJ Yeldon any more. As Lacy likely prepares for the draft, he'll be a highly sought after addition to any team lacking a solid rushing option, or looking to increase its depth in the backfield. With all of the great offensive and defensive linemen in the draft, contenders with late picks may have a great opportunity to get Lacy.

Teams like Green Bay and Denver could get a steal in Lacy late in the first round.  


Johnathan Hankins

Hankins' junior campaign wasn't as stellar as his sophomore season, but it was still impressive. Hankins racked up 55 total tackles this season, with five of them for a loss. 

Hankins is surprisingly athletic for a big man and has had enough of the college life at Ohio State. 

The big defensive tackle will be another hot commodity on the defensive side of the ball for any NFL team looking to improve its run defense. He's played at the end and tackle positions throughout his career and would be a welcome addition to a number of NFL franchises.

If a team wants a great interior defensive lineman, Hankins is the way to go and has the potential to make an instant impact on whatever team he falls to.